Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2014


Die Folie ist runter von den Fenstern
(die Renovierungsarbeiten gehen dabei weiter)

The film is away from the windows
(the renovation works withal has been going on)

draußen ist es nun doch herbstlich geworden 
( obwohl ich auch die Zeichen des Frühlings erkenne ;)

outside it got autumnal yet again
(altough I can even see the signs of Spring ;)

Nach dem Umzug ist in der Burg noch längst nicht alles fertig. Ich werde von Ungeduld getrieben, lese aber auch gern ein gutes Buch... und freue mich auf die drawing challenge: 

After the move it not by a long chalk in the Castle has been finished. I am driven by impatience, but read a good book, too... and looking forward to the next drawing challenge:

dear Patrice is our host with her theme 'dress' at the 25th + 26th of October

Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014

dc: Cookies

The favorite cookies in the Castle at the Eisenbach are called
'Mamakekse'... cookies of Mom. 

I am addicted to these...
and I try to fool myself and put those to the highest point in the kitchen so that I eat less.

(the doors of the kitchen cabinets are still to come)

Dear Stefanie Seltner is our host from the drawing challenge. Her theme is cookie. For this I draw this tower of chairs on old kraft paper (made in former GDR)... and not that Belgium Prince Cookie ;-)

I am late... wish you a nice evening!


today: No 147: Stefanie Seltner with cookie (biscuit) at the 11th + 12th of October

who is our next host?



Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

dc: Swoon

 From inside the Castle at the Eisenbach we still have not the best view, because of the plastic sheet of that ongoing renovation. But this autumnal light and temperatures outside are such a delight!


It makes me swoon... all is so livelily!

 I have drawn this sprite of a rose
on old wrapping paper with charcoal and coloured it with watercolour for this week's drawing challenge. Our host is sweet Tammie and her theme is SWOON
For more please visit her blog.

Wish you an enchanting day!


today: No 146 at Tammie's where beauty flows with SWOON

next: No 147: Stefanie Seltner with cookie (biscuit) at the 11th + 12th of October

who is our next host?



Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2014

Schwäne schwärmen

Schwäne schwärmen für Brot...Swans swoon for bread

und ich für die Stillleben von...and me for the still life of

 This weekend's host of the drawing challenge will be
Tammie with 'swoon'
Are you in, too?

Sonntag, 28. September 2014

dc: FISH


I somehow like fishes. Watching them calms me. 

And at Fridays I eat them (mostly boneless fillets because my fear to suffocate by fish bones: 
tagliatelle with salmon cream sauce as well lemon grass... even my kids like it)

Aloft you can see my dear friend Julitschka cutting her daughter's hair in front of their aquarium.

My kids were on school trips.
They are back now from the seaside and have washed ashore shells and a stone (no fish, phew:)

For this drawing challenge No. 145 hosted by Sabine of Herzfrisch I alas have not create something new. But I can show you an older work from the 14th drawing challenge, back in April 2011 which is even: Fish

Please make sure to visit Herzfrisch to find more fishes on the net!

I try my very best to take up the thread of the drawing challenge including visiting and commenting. I like the variation of fast contact via fb or instagram, but I miss the depth of the contact via dc with you.

postscript: my favorite lens has broken in May this year. With all the hassle of moving and renovation I couldn't buy a new one and second hand? ui, sounds too risky to me. But I give it a try... and ha! my next-door neighbour had the lens! I am soo happy with this new lens!


today: No 145 FISH at Lisa Herzfrisch (Sabine)!

next: No 146 at Tammie's where beauty flows on 4th + 5th of October

who is our next host?