Freitag, 22. April 2016


In November 2014 after the fire of the roof of our house 
the neighbors and we stayed overnight at this hotel (3 times). 
It is a former water tower 
(funny, we were all damaged by water of the firemen...)
After that we switch to a cheaper B&B.

This is the first photo, which
I took at the first view of the 'Lionpalace', in December 2014...
 the birch and the moon.... about 16 moons ago. 
I remember it like yesterday and in the same time it is far,
 far away

I have changed.

PS: Dear friends: but still: house moving is moving to me.

Samstag, 9. April 2016


Early in the morning
I do a walk under blossoms
(and I am not the only one)
It is a meditation, a self-reflection,
hanami, sakura
beauty, start, transience

I walk humbly
 it is like a prayer


I feel refreshed

For our yesterday 'farewell Lionpalace' tea party
I have bought a few branches

and I have printed some of my photos and hang it
(in form like a kimono) in the hallway.

For this week's Art challenge dear Tammie is our host.
Her theme is PRAYER/MEDITATION. For more of it,
please come to her place.

No drawing or painting, it is an installation for this Art challenge No. 193,
because I am running out of time:

In less than two weeks we will leave the Lionpalace
and go back home, to the Castle at the Eisenbach!

I wish you a beautiful weekend!

(I have to put some things into the moving boxes
and do the tax declaration... )




today: No. 193 PRAYER (MEDITATION)
at Tammie's  
this weekend, the 9th + 10th of April


Who wanna be our host for the next art challenge?

Samstag, 2. April 2016

ac #192: PINK HORSE(S)

I voyage through time and space,
hear the soft snort, friendly like a giggle as they appear in my dream.

They are blurry (and I trace their contours in this lucent dream,
because I wanna know, how many they are)

I can see them all so clearly, now: four pink horses {cold-blooded horses, giant, strong and gentle}.
I can see the men and especially him in the center. Vis-à-vis. It could be me, who have taken these as a photograph. Maybe at one first warm day in April, back in Denmark.

Irena, dear sister, do you need those pink horses as logging horses for your wild wood?

For this week's ART challenge, dear Norma is our host with PINK HORSE(S). Please take a ride to her place to find more of them by other artists.
BTW: This is my table right now...

I've given some things to oxfam and brought back this fabulous book by Marc Chagall ;-)
Some corners here in the 'Lionpalace' are more tidied up, already...

I wish y'all a happy weekend full of sunshine out and out!

Love, Ariane. Rose

Ring with tiny Queen by Stefanie Seltner 

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, liebste Maman!



today: No. 192 PINK HORSE(S)

at Tammie's 
this weekend, the 9th + 10th of April


Who wanna be our host for the next art challenge?

Dienstag, 29. März 2016


Als wir auf dem Land ankamen, 
blieb ich gleich draußen und spazierte, spazierte 
an den Teichen entlang, spazierte im Wald, spazierte über Felder, 
mal in Begleitung, mal allein

As we arrived the countryside,
I stayed outside and walked, walked along the hamlets, 
walked into the woods, walked over fields, 
sometime in company, sometime alone

Ich genoss das feine Lüftchen und fast hätte ich mich auch 
noch wie das Pferd da drüben (links, mit den Hufen himmelwärts) 
vor Wonne auf dem Boden gewälzt.

I enjoyed the fine breeze and I woulda wallow on the ground 
for pure bliss like the horse over there (left with the hoofs skywards)

Abends haben die Jungs noch ein kleines Osterfeuer gemacht 
und der Mond ging orange über dem Teich auf. Am nächsten Morgen, 
Ostersonntag, regnete es. Ich spazierte mit J. gut beschirmt wieder los. 

At the evening the boys did a little Easter bonfire 
and the moon rise orange over the pond. At the next morning, 
Easter Day, it rained. Again, good protected, I walked with J..

Erfüllt fuhren wir heimwärts, (noch) zurück in den 
Löwenpalast. Maman kommt zum Essen und wir schlemmen
und zwischendurch machen wir eine Nilfahrt via TV.

Replete we drove homeward, (still) back to the Lionpalace. 
Maman comes for lunch and we feast and in between we do a little Nile cruise 
(via TV, together with Maggie, Peter and Mia)

Sometimes it feels like a self-talk, here... 
I miss the conservation with you  

See ya at Norma's with 'pink horse' (art challenge No. 192)?

Love, Ariane. Rose

Samstag, 26. März 2016



It is a silent rose, this time, but turbulent times behind the scenes...

Ich habe auch noch eine Menge Geburtstagskuchen in der letzten Woche gebacken
 und spielte mit goldenen und schwarzen Pigmenten und mit Weidenkätzchen

 I have baked a lot of b-day cakes this week, too
and played even with golden and black pigments and willow catkins

A new interpretation of 'cup' {art challenge No. 117}

'Pink horse' is the new theme of the art challenge 
at the first weekend of April. It's Norma's theme (thanks for hosting, Dear!) 
Please tell her you're in.

I will tell you ...
but first I wanna gather my big family and enjoy nature, tomorrow:
love and peace!

*Postcards (first pic) of the hare from left to right by:
  Olga Inoue, Albrecht Dürer, Horst Janssen