Samstag, 28. Januar 2017

AC #203: STICK

An inner, secret 
rhythm following
I am longing impatiently
 for something new
It feels like I stick 
on a very old (behavior)
(e.g. wanna redesign this blog,
need help with the buttons!)

At the same time
I am a faithful soul
(even to myself) and 
I am just longing for Spring
when leafless sticks
will bloom again

 Tammie is our host this weekend for 
the Art Challenge. Her theme is STICK. 

I've been on my way to buy pigments for this AC 
as I've found some ice crystals on some hay bails 
(see above), which reminds me on you, dear Tammie
and your beauuutiful photos of ice crystals
(thank you for hosting! Wonderful theme,
I've found a world of sticks!)
Back in the Castle at the Eisenbach I've
painted this landscape (30x40cm) with egg tempera
and oil crayon on canvas with brushes and ...

Please visit Tammie
for more STICKS by wonderful artists.

Wish you a happy day,
love, Ariane. Rose

PS: Trees were cut back at the street and I've collected some smaller
branches, put them together with early flowering darlings into vases...
maybe, maybe there is some fresh green in da Castle soon!


*No. 203 STICKS at Tammie's
this weekend, the 28th + 29th of January

No. 204 at Stefanie Seltner's
at the first weekend of February

Samstag, 21. Januar 2017

AC #202: DAILY

Round 'n round
Are some days without a limit

Rise and down
To the highest, to the deepest

With touch

Everything is 

Coming up roses {DV}

And: it's a daily decision.

Welcome! to this year's first Art Challenge! 
It is our 202nd of a long row of beautiful art by you, 
my Dearies, from around the world and it goes on and on
more slowly these days (I am out of practice!)

For this AC I've dabbed with my
golden fingertips an universe of pearls on canvas, 
pure meditation like my daily loops.

Please have a look at these artists and their DAILY:
and Lucia and Tammie are in and 
 Annton, too! Ha! and Eric.
 Have I forgot somebody?

Thank you for your visit! 
Wish you a happy day,



No. 202 DAILY

No. 203 at Tammie's
this weekend, the 28th + 29th of January

No. 204 at Stefanie Seltner's
at the first weekend of February

Sonntag, 15. Januar 2017

Kreise | Kuchenrezept | Invitation AC#202

Kaum scheint die Sonne, flippe ich aus!
Licht! endlich! Tirilieren!
Vom Isemarkt bringe ich Duftendes: Mimosen,
Freesien, Rauke und Minze, Zitronen von Sizilien!
Ah, und ein neues Sommerkleid kam mit der Post... fertig ist die Illusion
von Urlaub (und es ist ein zweischneidiges Schwert:
Wonne und schmerzhafte Sehnsucht zugleich)

Scarcely the sun come out, I freak out!
Light! finally! Warble!
From Isemarket I bring some scent: mimosa,
freesia, racial and mint, lemons from Sicily!
Ah, and a new summer dress comes with the postman... the illusion
of holiday is perfect (and it is a two-edged sword:
bliss and painful desire at the same time)

Ich springe von Raum zu Raum,
rupfe hier und dort noch meine (Weihnachts-)Kränze von der Wand
und kreisel durch den Tag (ewiglich)

I jump from room to room,
pluck here and there my (xmas-)wreaths from the wall
and gyrate through the day (eternally)

Metamorphosen überall **

metamorphosis overall **

Male endlich mal wieder ein Bild,
explosionsartig, weil ich es schon längst im Kopf hatte.
 (Male so schnell, dass mir schlecht wird.)

Draw an image again at last,
explosive, because I had it in my mind for so long.
(I paint so fast, that it makes me queasy.)


Fresh air!

Am nächsten Tag 'instagramme' ich morgens kurz mit Nadine,
dann gehe ich schnell den Wochenendeinkauf machen, voller
Vorfreude auf den Artikel über
Lili Nalovi und Jesko Willert im Hamburger Abendblatt.

At the next day I 'talk over IG' with Nadine in the morning,
then I rapidly do the grocery shopping for the weekend,
with thrill of anticipation about an article in the newspaper
about Lili Nalovi and Jesko Willert, an artist couple from Hamburg.


 und ich backe einen Kuchen

and I bake a cake

Kuchenrezept/Recipe for the cake

Ofen vorheizen auf 175°C. Man nehme: 
250g Butter, 250g Zucker und 5 Eier, 1 Prise Salz, 2 Tropfen Bittermandelöl

Pre-heat the oven 175°C. Take:
250g butter, 250g sugar and 5 eggs, 1 pinch of salt, 2 drops bitter almond oil

verrühre dieses zu einem schaumigen Teig, 
ergänze 150g Mehl, 100g gemahlene Mandeln, 
1 Teelöffel Backpulver, etwas Zitronenschale

scramble it to a foamy dough,
add 150g flour, 100g almond flour, 
1 teaspoon baking powder, some lemon zest

rühre dieses rasch unter und befülle eine Form 

mix it swiftly and fill it into a form

Streue Rosinen, Mandelstückchen oder, wie hier, 
Schokoplättchen drüber. 
Beim Backen versinken sie von selbst.

Nach ca. 50-60min im unteren Drittel des Ofens... voilà!

Spread raisons, minced almonds, or, like here, 
chocolate chips.
At baking the sink into the dough.

After about 50-60min at the lower third of the oven... voilà!


Sonntagmorgenfrühstück mit meinem Liebsten

Sunday breakfast with my sweetheart

Wer weiß, vielleicht mache ich warm eingepackt 
ja noch ein Spaziergang? 

Who knows, maybe I'll do a stroll, 
warmly wrapped?

Ansonsten genieße ich es einfach, den Tag ungeschminkt
in Schlumpfklamotten zu verbringen... müsste dann gleich
erst nochmal in die Küche, Essen kochen.

Otherwise I simply enjoy to spend the day au natural wearing PJ's...
oughta go into the kitchen, cooking some food for my family.

Kreisbewegung, spiralig

Voller Bewunderung sehe ich die Entwicklung, die ihr macht,
wenn Ihr Euch ein tägliches Projekt vornehmt.
Ich möchte das zu Thema machen, Euch quasi entgegen kommen.

Circular motion, spirally

Full of admiration I follow your progress with your daily projects.
I wanna take it, obliging, as a theme for the Art Challenge #202
May I please invite you to this Art Challenge with the theme





No. 202 DAILY
here at Rose,
 at this weekend, 
the 21st + 22nd of January 2017

Are you in?*

*How it works: 
if you want to join, leave a comment saying you are in
the following weekend the 'drawings' are shown on the blogs of the participants
and the host links to them all

(ThanX Patrice)

**butterfly in pic 7 + 8 by Lyndie Dourthe

Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2017

Elbphilharmonie {Elphi} opening

bis zur Burg am Eisenbach

to the Castle at the Eisenbach

Happy birthday to your 90th, dear aunt Ulla in London!🎈

Photos of the Elbphilharmony via TV, warm and dry. 
Not the best quality, it's the mood!

Blue heaven | warm