Samstag, 28. Januar 2017

AC #203: STICK

An inner, secret 
rhythm following
I am longing impatiently
 for something new
It feels like I stick 
on a very old (behavior)
(e.g. wanna redesign this blog,
need help with the buttons!)

At the same time
I am a faithful soul
(even to myself) and 
I am just longing for Spring
when leafless sticks
will bloom again

 Tammie is our host this weekend for 
the Art Challenge. Her theme is STICK. 

I've been on my way to buy pigments for this AC 
as I've found some ice crystals on some hay bails 
(see above), which reminds me on you, dear Tammie
and your beauuutiful photos of ice crystals
(thank you for hosting! Wonderful theme,
I've found a world of sticks!)
Back in the Castle at the Eisenbach I've
painted this landscape (30x40cm) with egg tempera
and oil crayon on canvas with brushes and ...

Please visit Tammie
for more STICKS by wonderful artists.

Wish you a happy day,
love, Ariane. Rose

PS: Trees were cut back at the street and I've collected some smaller
branches, put them together with early flowering darlings into vases...
maybe, maybe there is some fresh green in da Castle soon!


*No. 203 STICKS at Tammie's
this weekend, the 28th + 29th of January

No. 204 at Stefanie Seltner's
at the first weekend of February

8 Kommentare:

  1. Wonderful bald landscapes, but for sure: spring will come:) - eric

  2. How lovely! I so miss the AC and now that the cloud paintings are finished and I'm slowly over being ill, I hope to jump right in. Love your painting and love the addition of the sticks to your beautiful flowers. The other day a truck knocked down a large branch of magnolia onto the street. I picked it up and took it home and clipped off the individual branches and put them into water. They started to bloom! So happy.

    1. the water and warmth of your home made it spring: bloom. fun. My Christmas tree did that, it grew spring tips, which I am using for tea.

  3. I did notice your frosty grasses. Lovely.
    I enjoyed each photo, thought and your painting.
    Sticks really is a big subject, easy to find in so many places.
    Thank you for keeping our challenge going. It felt like it was going away for a while.

  4. I like all of these sticks, and like you I long for Spring, when the sticks on the trees are covered in blooms...

  5. I am longing for Winter! :) Beautiful photos and words.

  6. Oh Ariane, this is a wonderful painting!
    x Stefanie



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