Freitag, 30. März 2012

Drawing challenge #55: SMILE

The Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci has used as a model.

 And my first born daughter.

I was very surprised and confused 
as a young mother that she - and her twinbrother - did not smile from the start of life.

After 6 weeks with less and lot of less sleep in the nights I felt very tired when I breastfeeded her at 1.45 in the night. Sitting there in dim light she stoped drinking, looked at me and smile. 
I will never forget that smile in my life, so heavily sweet.

One can not force a smile. But invites it.
(I try it with my image painted with tempera on canvas.)

Lovely Leena as our host of this week's drawing challenge does. Please come to her 
wonderful blog vivere est to have a look at more smiles.... and smile.

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No. 53 Connection
No. 54 Garden

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'I am a { ··· fill in your zodiac sign ··· }'
at 14.+15.04.2012

After next: No. 57 whimsycal Helen
'A pair of...' at 21.+22.04.2012

Coming: No. 58 Patrice with '?' at 27.+26.04.2012

Who is next?

25 Kommentare:

  1. I can just imagine your beautiful baby daughter's smile. Baby smiles are the purest!

    1. Do you remember each single one of your children? Sometimes I am afraid that I mix up them... But that very first smile of my first daughter I really know.


  2. I remember my baby's first smile she is now 26!

    Your painting is exquisite you have a bunny instead of an Ermine.

    I like the image of your daughter in the same repose.

    Nice work :)

  3. Ariane, thank you for a beautiful and intrigueting and touching post! Your interpret of the famous painting is wonderful.. it seems that when mothers think about smiles it often has got something to do with their children..

    1. Dear Leena,
      thank you... even for that theme. Smiling is power, isn't it?
      x Love

  4. dear a.
    loving that memory of yours.
    happy weekend

    1. Dearest Sara,
      you are sweet.
      I've framed the pic of you in an old, dark wooden Danish frame. And you look pretty in your flowery dress. It fits!


  5. lächeln. mir fällt oft auf, dass viele menschen verbittert und ernst in die welt schauen. dann frage ich mich, welche gedanken gerade bei ihnen so schwer wiegen. und dann verschenke ich gerne ein lächeln an fremde. wie kinder es ganz natürlich tun. und manchmal bekommt man auch ein lächeln zurück. und zwei seelen berühren einander.

    ich liebe eure fröhlichen füße. und zum thema scheitern möchte ich noch sagen. ich erlaube mir einfach das scheitern. denn in jedem augenblick kann ich ja wieder neu beginnen...

    wünsch dir ein lächelndes wochenende, mit glück, liebe und licht!


    1. Liebste Tatjana,
      ja, lächeln hilft auch bei eigenen schweren Gedanken.

      In jedem Augenblick ein Neubeginn... das gefällt mir!

  6. You are often inviting me to smile dear, you just did.
    That little story is so very sweet and touching.
    'Luisa mit hase' oh Ariane, fun and wonderful!
    I love the blurry photo of yur daughter, a medieval princess.

  7. Dear Ariane,

    Your drawing is beautiful.

    Your memory of the first smile brought a big smile to my face...It is such clear memory - to wait to the smile of your child- and when he smiled you feel that sky got wide open! xx...

  8. that first smile
    so special en precious

    I keep looking at the picture of your daughter
    so, so beautiful!

    great painting
    you are brave!!


  9. Ein wunderbares Gemälde und wie immer traumhafte Fotos, die mich sofort zum Lächeln gebracht haben! :o)

    1. Liebe Tanïa,
      das ist ja schön, das freut mich!
      Komme später auch noch zu Dir 'rüber.
      Bis dann,
      x Ariane.

  10. what a sweet memory. moments like this do stick with us, don't they. the simple yet overwhelmingly happy moments.
    also, your painting is so beautiful. and leonardo's is almost as beautiful. your daughter is the most beautiful...even in the signature blur. i've come to love that softness in your photos.

    1. Dear Rachel,
      something between your lines rejoice my heart.


  11. 'heavily sweet'. i think that is a nice way of putting a sentiment which cuts so deep... i simply love your take on leonardo, the häse indeed. and there you go, blurring again! i'm sure you're the only one doing this, and it works!
    somehow the element of mystery is enhanced. i agree. love the similar repose of daughter and da vinci's piece!

    1. You are sweet, dear Nadeshda!
      I wanna reflect your words.
      And, did you mean 'pose', right?

      x Love for you, renovating woman!

  12. One of my most favorite paintings immediately made me smile ...and your tender story about your baby's first smile- how could that not make such a huge impression- wonderful!!

  13. so delicious that first smile! nothing better than the honest communication between 2 loves.
    AND the painting! I LOVE IT!!!!
    Your daughter looks like a beautiful queen.
    lovely, all of it, just lovely!

  14. What a lovely memory of a cherished smile! This was a great challenge.



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