Dienstag, 13. März 2012

Ferientag / Day of vacation

Die Königin von der Burg am Eisenbach und ihre Kinder fahren mit Königin Isolde nebst Tochter in den  Hirschpark. Die Kinder haben schon seit einer Woche Ferien... sie scheinen zu bersten vor Bewegungsdrang. 

The Queen of the Castle at the Eisenbach  and her kids drives with Queen Isolde and daughter to the park of  deers. The kids enjoys holidays since a week... they seems to crack for urge to move. 

Bald rennen sie den Hang hinab zur Elbe und die Königinnen eilen hinterher.

Soon they run down the hillside to the River Elbe and the Queens speeds behind.

Thanks to the folk of Sweden for bread in famine 1945-1950

Oben auf dem Blankeneser Markt kaufen sie sich noch Veilchen.

Up at the market of Blankenese they buy some violets.

Zurück an den neuen Arbeitsplatz...

Back to the new place of work...

Bis vorgestern haben hier noch die 'Billys' gestanden... fertig ist die Königin noch lange nicht.

Til before yesterday the 'Billies' has stood there... The Queen has not quite finished yet.


  1. violets and pansies, i love them too Ariane, they always make me feel good, x

  2. This looks like my kind of day :) I love the roots in that 5th pic.

    I think I'm in for the challenge this week, thanks for the little push ;)

  3. goodmorning dear,
    hihi, i meant borders of course! thank's for making me aware of the spelling mistake. funny! :)
    and how kind of the swedish folk! :) again!
    looks like a nice day of vacation,
    especially the planting violets part.


  4. Oh, I long to plant violets or whatever. Get my hands soaked in that dark, wet dirt. I thought we would start with the tomatoes very soon.
    Ariane, you sure know how to combine the art of beauty with having fun. Is that rotbuche, I see?
    Lilli x

  5. What a lovely day it seems you have had dear Queen : )
    You got some lucky small people around you!



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