Samstag, 24. März 2012

Drawing challenge #54: GARDEN

My mother loved the garden. I also loved the garden of my grandparents.

These days there it's for our children the garden of Queen Isolde.

 For this week's drawing challenge dear Renilde is our host with GARDEN. 
I've painted first the watercolor. 
And then just now the egg tempera jointlye with Forget-me-not my version of a painting of Philipp Otto Runge.

This lovely theme brings back many good memories of time in gardens as a child, now as a mom... and with bros and sis all over the world... and of course the feeling of dark, wet earth on my hands during planting and sweetest smell in my nose. Thank you, dear Renilde!

Please visit her fantastic place for more GARDENs of lovely artists.

Happy weekend!

No. 52 Industrial
No. 53 Connection

Now: No. 54 Renilde with GARDEN at 24.03.+25.03.2012

Next: No. 55 Leena with SMILE at 31.03.+01.04.2012

Who is next? 

27 Kommentare:

  1. What a happy place your garden is Ariane, flowers and veggies, small hands exploring and discovering, all those memories connected to a garden.
    Your interpretation of Runge's painting suits your 'garden mood' so well, the egg tempera in greenish shades is wonderfully light and sweet, the forget-me-nots are starting to flower here too, tiny beauties.
    Thanks for your garden, xx

    1. Dear Renilde,
      thank you very much for your lovely theme! I have a mind to deepen it...


  2. sonnengrüße an die schöne rose. wie immer verzaubernd in wort und bild. und bin verliebt in die drei grünen mit den goldenen haaren. auch ich gehe jetzt wieder raus ins "zweite wohnzimmer" und inhaliere den frühling...


    1. Liebste Tatjana,
      danke sehr.
      Hattest Du nicht eine Magnolie im zweiten Wohnzimmer stehen? Ich liebe dessen zauberhaften Blüten!


  3. Ariane, you have charming photos, they tell a lovely history of mothers and children, and gardens, of course! ps.I love your version of Runge!

    1. Dear Leena,
      in my family on my mother's side there is a Matriarchy...


  4. Wow!! So deeply beautiful..your art is spectacular ...wonderful energy and feeling it evokes in me!Beautiful work!! I also love your photos and family is all so touching..and so special!!There is something so speical about gardens and those of our parents and grandparents and how this magical world touches our lives and passes down to us! Beautiful and magnificent post!

    1. Thank you for your opulent words, dear Victoria... falling on breedy ground.

  5. Dear Ariane,

    Your childhood photos and memories are beautiful and precious- real magical your water color gentle drawing...xx

  6. hello, hello. as usual, i so enjoy a walk around your pages, in this case, gardens, both of memory and of today. you give us so much, every time! is that you at the very end of your post, sitting in the sunshine?
    painting with egg tempure, that's a first... it sounds pretty complex, probably too complex for me, but never mind, it is intriguing.
    your gardens of past and present are so wonderful, your images from the past, they tell it all, don't they?

    i find here the inspiration for your own interpretation...
    it's romance.
    in a wheel barrow!

    1. Yes, its me, sitting in the sunshine,
      dear Nadeschda!
      I've discovered last week how importantthe garden of my grandparents is for my life. And some blue memory turns into romance... in a wheel barrow, you're right!
      Oh, I dream of a garden for the future...

  7. Yes dear Ariane,
    we never forget the Garden we grew up in...
    wonderful photographs
    lovely watecolours

    Thank you : )

  8. those images are so, so great
    the love, the joy, the sunshine
    you can see it all
    I wish I had such a memory
    I have tried to create a garden like that
    for my children


  9. P.S
    and that birch drawing/painting
    so, so fine
    it is my favorite tree
    but we do not have one in the garden
    because our eldest is allergic

    1. Dearest Patrice,
      thank you, sweet gardener.
      I think, you've create such a garden for you children. All the more you renounces your favorite tree for your eldest.

  10. wunderbare fotos und stimmungen, dazu die zarten aquarelle - all das erinnert mich auch an meine kindheit im garten meiner großeltern. dort war die wiege meiner heutigen garten-leidenschaft! lieben gruß von mano

  11. hello dear! this is such a touching soft loving post! i am struck by your attention to order, to detail, to images that pull us through your mind. it is always an enjoyable journey!l but this one in particular says: mother, home, love, comfort, safety and sweetness. THe perfect garden of eden. and yours of course, would be flowing with roses and tulips! :)
    your family photos look like what i adore about Carl Larson's art - of family and home, of naked bums and summer breezes.
    i am away from home - have no ability to play right now.

    1. My dearest Stephanie,
      thank you. very much!
      Carl Larsson, yes. I call it 'Bullerbüh' after Astrid Lindgren, also Swedish.

      You are away from home? Hope for a pleasure trip.

  12. dear a,
    happy birthday (delayed) for the twins...
    hope they and you guys had a great day!
    those tulips are amazing. and also the garden photos. what a lovely place! the garden. when it is not neglected that is.

    green and lush. and also useful.

    love to you

    1. Thank you, dear Sara,
      we had a great day with friends from school and bowling.

      Garden... as you said it... green and lush and also useful. Wonderful.

      Love to you

  13. I want to tromp through Queen Isolde's garden this very minute.
    Oh, all of these gardens have me longing for home! We don't have any type of garden in Nola, but we do make it to the park.
    Your water colors are beautiful and such treasures.
    have a great day,

    1. That would be fantastic,
      dear Rachel,
      it would be fun: there are other gardens, ditches with frogs, horses... and flowers, blossoms, later in the year fruits and veggies.
      In the small house there is no water or electricity, but a small gas cooker. Last year we had fried fresh potatoes, zucchini and onions, a bit of rosemary... perfect!
      Maybe, some day...

  14. Thank you for inviting me, I am happy and it is an honour to be a host this weekend. The theme will be SMILE, love Leena

    1. Dear Leena,
      thank YOU! that makes me happy and your theme makes me smile.



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