Montag, 26. März 2012

Königs Geburtstag / King's b-day

Meines Königs (von der Burg am Eisenbach) Geburtstag am Sonntag 
war eine gar prächtige Feier!

My King's (of the Castle at the Eisenbach) birth at Sunday
was an altogether glamorous celebration !

Dieses hier sind seine Blumen... These here are his flowers. 
Wundervoller Duft strömt durch die Burg. 
Wonderful fragrance is streaming through the Castle. 

I look forward to strolling through your gardens during the next days, my lovelies...


  1. happy bday mr king!
    wish you a great day!

  2. happy birthday to your King B!

    and about your questions:
    the garden is West-pointed
    yes, I cut the boxwood in shape, but not too precise, I like it when they grow into each other
    the stones are lower than the wooden platforms, which are lower than the grass


  3. There's a lot of partying going on it seems, happy birtday to the king, x

  4. Happy Birthday to the King of the Castle of the Eisenbach!



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