Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014

20 Minuten

 Ich lausche dem 'Spatz von Paris'... I am listening to the 'Sparrow of Paris'

trinke Tee

have a cup of tea

(pretty cloths on the right by Alessandra/Knots)

 Photos by Giampaolo Sgura

und blätter durch eine neue Zeitschrift
(für eine neue müssen drei alte gehen)

and browse through a current issue of the German Vogue
(for a new one three old mags have to go)

  Später... Later

fühle ich mich inspiriert und
zittere ich vor Kälte auf dem Balkon

I feel inspired and
quake with cold on the balcony

 als ich den Eisenbach fotografiere.

as I photograph the Eisenbach.

PS: Is there a host for our next dc outside?


  1. Such a wonderful strand of photographs, glimpses of life, creative moments in time. thank you.

  2. ;^))
    la vie en rose
    edith piaf
    your images
    it all fits so well

    keep warm!!

  3. What a nice set of images. Thank you Ariane! xx

  4. i put on the sparrow as i read your post.
    they go so well together.....
    la la la lalalaaaaaaaa.



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