Samstag, 6. Juni 2015

dc No. 170: MOVE

It lasted a little until I've calmed my breath. 

At sunset I use an open aperture and a long exposure time
{and no tripod, free hand} to take photos of some moves from him
 (la luna doesn't move as fast ;-)

 that Wren

For this week's drawing challenge Katrin of FischeFrauen is our host. Her theme is: MOVE

I have taken these photos of the Wren from the balcony of the Lionpalace into the backyard to show you some move. Please move to Katrin to find more of move!

Wish you a splendid day!

9 Kommentare:

  1. cute
    the moving wren
    and us moving to Katrin's place
    birds are so wonderful this time of year

  2. Lovely! I love wrens; they remind me of a little golf ball with a handle. :D

  3. that sweet wren!
    thank you for this
    those magical images
    with the moon als a light ;^))


  4. ha a ha... could he/she have known it became starring role in your plan, sweet wren...? what a move of yours! n♥

  5. Please move to find more move - funny! And true.



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