Sonntag, 12. Februar 2017

Palm house and an invite for the next AC (#205)

"Guten Tag, können Sie mir bitte sagen,
wie kalt es draußen ist?"
– "Schätzungsweise -2°C.  Jedenfalls so kalt, 
dass hier drinnen im Tropenhaus 
mein Objektiv beschlägt"

"Hello, could you please tell me, 
what temperature it is outside?"
– "About -2°C. According to my steamed over lens 
anyway here inside the palm house.

Es dauerte etwas bis ich realisierte, 
dass die Bewässerungsanlage lief, weil ich überhaupt nicht nass wurde. 
Wassertropfen, die auf große Blätter rauschen... 
das ist Musik in meinen Ohren!

It takes a while since I recognized, 
that the irrigation systems ran, because I stayed dry. 
Water drops, which are rushing on big leaves... 
that's music to my ears!

*Schuss | *Angle

You can find more photo of my visit in the palm house here.

Back in the Castle at the Eisenbach, I fell asleep. 
Sometimes taking pictures can be very exhausting! 
I wanna try to draw instead, next time...

 **Gegenschuss | **Reverse angle


 May I invite you to the next Art Challenge? My theme is 


at the 18th + 19th of February

Dear Carole will be our host for an AC 
at the first weekend of March

See you! Love,
Ariane. Rose

10 Kommentare:

  1. Yikes! Almost finished the garage transformation. I might be able to do this. It's next weekend, right?

  2. tolle Fotos aus dem Tropenhaus und der Platz ist schön dekoriert mit deinen Blumen!
    lieben Gruss Elke

  3. i will read your blogpost later (have guest in house that stays on till wed.), but it's a definite yes! i miss y'all something terrific! X n♥
    ps - that last image? told you already, to die for!!!
    can i print it out for my photowall here at home? pretty please. thxs!!

  4. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to think I am in Tropics!!!!!!!!! I´ll be there!

  5. Such a lovely place to go in winter! I wish we had somewhere like that.
    I am not sure if I will join you. I will come back and let you know if I can.
    Thank you for hosting with a new topic for inspiration.

  6. Hello,
    I would like to join you at Beauty Flows.
    Thank you Ariane.



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