Mittwoch, 18. April 2018


 The Calathea of my Eldest blossoms!

And Youngest loves the smell of Freesia

She spins her braids
mostly singing
and pwnz me in memory game

Soft bloom and grace

and with this still
I give Alessandra Taccia my regards
(the yellow cloth is by her)

"I love your paintings, Alessandra! Calming and peaceful."

With love, to all of you,
Ariane. Rose

Print in the first pic by Patrice Aarts
Calathea in exchange of a African linden with Zelda of Winkel van Sinkel
Memory game Merkwürdig by Manufactum

Ceramic by Tina Kami aka ugly duckly

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  1. Lovely, lovely spring, over at yours. Your enthusiasm is contagious! I've just made a walk through the city after a tiny exhibition and it was the weather forecast that bribed me to be outside, besides working in the studio. I am filled with spring air now and fully calibrated to dive back in. Enjoy the rays, much love, x n��


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