Samstag, 17. August 2013

dc Bed and Board

We are meeting up again at last and take a seat on a table outside... wonderful exchanges.

which fits with an idea for my theme of this week's drawing challenge bed and board.
At home I start with a little draft and a computation: 1 rotation gives 7 years... so 14 years results in 2 rotations... plus 1 year... about 51° of a full circle... no, a turn of a spirale seems better


I paint with espresso and stitch with a red thread after... 
up and down, up and down in a white fabric

use it both as a tablecloth and pillowcase

I share bed and board since 15 years with my husband. How intimate this furniture can be:
bed and board


 Now I am very nosy about what the other participants has done with this theme, my dear:

Please visit their beautiful places and wonder, too...
Wish you a communicative weekend.


Today: No 112 Bed and Board

Follow: No 113 at Nadeschda's, 24th and 25th of August,

theme: NATURE & {2014 LIVE EVENT}

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16 Kommentare:

  1. before i close down my notebook for the day, i stumble upon your early entry for this week's dc. and what a fine addition this is. i am ever more intrigued by your thought processes. and by your love, of course.

    so, i did take a sneak peek here, because i'm elbow deep into this theme, which feels to me quite slippery. no worries, i've an onset and will return to it later today, or tonight.
    so i'll say byes for now, n♥
    ps - seems to me the place with the stitched corner table is full of creative life??!! :)))

  2. o. ein gRoßes o.
    dein bedandboaRd gefällt miR außeRoRdentlich gut.
    hab ein schönes. liebst. käthe.

  3. sorry dear, i couldn´t make it :(
    but yours is a treat!

  4. Weitere feine gemeinsame Jahre wünsch ich euch! fein umgesetzt das Thema!
    Liebe Grüße

  5. Ariane dear! A beautiful thought process from your beautiful spirit! Coffee and linen and red thread and a spiraling of time, of place, of thought. Spiral is timeless and spiral is experience on many levels all at the same point in time (when one pauses that is.) I paused looking at many many beds. And I paused here. Thank you for being such a beautiful host. Norma, xo

  6. A lovely and sweet sentiment. My unreasonable love for coffee is cheered by your espresso and red thread creation. Threads connect firmly and gently, coffee warms and energizes like the best of relationships, no?

  7. dear a,
    nice idea to paint with espresso....

    hugs to you

  8. sweet rose Ariane,
    what a theme!
    but i have figured it out, i think ;^))
    i love your circle of coffee and thread
    so simple and tender too

    thank you for starting up the dc again!

    and a big hug
    Patrice A.

  9. A feast for the eyes as always dear Ariane and I really really like this simple yet intriguing hand-artwork-tablecloth-pillow case you've made.

  10. ah, such lovely photos, glimpses of life.
    i love your spiral and stitching.

    i have to remember to check in and see what next weeks challenge is~

  11. A beautiful post, Ariane - I am intrigued with the furniture. 15 years with your husband - I am so happy for you, valuing as I do my own sweetheart spouse who is with me (in spirit, at present since he is at sea) 30 years now. xxoo, sus

  12. A wonderful post! and such a clever fabric work! I love it-simple and with a sense of mystical humor ;)
    You photos are fantastic as always a treat for my eyes!
    Inspiring too as my 17th anniversary is coming up and have been wondering what to do- something for the bed is poetic!

  13. Delicate just as our long, intimate relationships with our life partners are I suppose. A very creative,and meaningful interpretation Ariane;-)

  14. Ich bin fasziniert, welch spannende Geschichten und Gedanken sich hinter zunächst einfach anmutenden Werken verbergen können. Die Bedeutung, die gewählte Kombination aus Malen und Sticken, Espresso als Farbe...das alles zusammen macht Deine Arbeit erst so phenomenal wie sie ist.
    Und auch mein Tisch und Bett ist endlich fertig!



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