Samstag, 31. August 2013

update - dc: Chaos... χάος and Order... κόσμος

After he has called me, I couldn't think quite straigth... sherbet powder in my head...
mind like noisy murmur

Didn't know exactly what happened to him, but his voice feebly on the phone...
let me haste to him

 He couldn't set his foot on the floor, leg swollen... Together with his buddy I carried him to a medical praxis. The Doctor confirmed after taken X-rays... shinbone of 12year old son is broken (a gaping space between his tibia)!
Bad news, but my view has become clearer...

chaos has turned into kind of order. I started to know what to do again.

He has to lay smooth for the next days. At Monday, when hopefully his leg will not swollen anymore and the bone remains in a good position, a surgery won't be necessary (we keep our fingers cross!) and he will get a walking cast and can walk with crutches. 

Till then we look after him, carefully
and I find some inner order browsing through some pretty books, a kind of peace, too.
 (Wish I could sit in that porter chair with drawn-in-knees...)

Our dear Barbara Bee is the host for this week's dc with her theme Chaos and Order
This last week was very chaotic to my family and me... first my daughter caught an infection, knocked over down on her pillow, next her twinbrother broke his leg... maybe a kind of κόσμος... a cosmic order?

update: today after a repeated X-ray of son's leg, the doctor decided, that a surgery is not necessary... yay! Thank you for your compassion, sweet friends. Means a lot!

Make sure to visit sweet Barbara Bee's place. On her space she has focussed fantastic artists!

I wish you a happy weekend :)

No 110 Gossamer
No 111 Fern

No 112 Bed and Board

No 113
Nature & {2014 LIVE EVENT}
Today: No 114 with Barbara Bee

and her theme Chaos and Order

Who is our next host?


17 Kommentare:

  1. Liebe Ariane, was für ein Wahnsinn, da hattest du ja das pure Chaos! Äh, so war die dc eigentlich nicht gemeint gewesen. Ich hoffe, es geht deinem Sohn und deiner Tochter und allen schon wieder besser. Dem Foto nach zu urteilen hat er ja schon einen Weg gefunden die angenehmen Seiten des krank sein für sich zu entdecken.
    O.k. Süße, ich hoffe, wir sehen dich Sonntag?

    1. Ja! I try my very best! Komme gleich mal rum zu Dir... hast bestimmt schon aufgeräumt?
      Ariane ;)

  2. Herrje, manchmal kommt's aber auch faustdick. Drücken wir die Daumen, dass das Stillhalten hilft. Zum Glück gibt's Daddelmaschinen und fürsorgliche Mamis, die solche Situationen erträglicher machen. Und zum Glück folgt auf diesen Schreck und das Gefühlschaos sogleich die Zwangspause zum Sich-Sortieren und Durchatmen. Den Rest macht hoffentlich der Körper und stellt die zerbrochene Ordnung wieder her.

  3. oh my goodness
    i am so glad that things are starting to look up for the healing of your twins, TWINS! There is nothing as frightening as something wrong with our children. So glad that order is returning. Such perfect events for our subject.

    sending light.

  4. fancy brother and sister intertwined as such, in that they form a pair, a pair of chaos and order... it is devestating, is it not, emergency news like this? you have been brave, you have done good. you are a loving mother, a.
    i wish both of your kiddos all the best. x

  5. ay ay ay....
    fingers crossed and take care!

    big hugs

  6. difficult week, Rose, I hope you can sit in that chair soon. and your children can go out and run around!

  7. sweet you! what a week it must have been!!
    now i understand your silence here better

    i will keep my fingers crossed tomorrow
    and wish them well!
    and a big motherly hug from me
    Patrice A.

  8. manchmal müsste man an mütteR tapfeRkeitspeRlen veRteilen. vielleicht in toffeefoRm. zaRtschmelzend und mageneRwäRmend.
    auf dass es besseR wiRd. mit ihm und ihR. und diR entspannung. bis zum wochenende? heRzlichst. käthe.

  9. Ariane, I gasp! What a true chaos at your family! Yikes! I will be keeping your son and daughter in my prayers for healing. Comfort to you, as well, dear Rose.

  10. oh dear,yes that's how chaos hits us sometimes, i can only wish and hope things turned out for the better today and order is what follows.
    to your son, i'm sure, admidst the chaos you ment(were) order(read; comfort and love he needed), wishing you a relaxing evening sweet Ariane, xx

  11. Ouch! Kids and chaos are synonymous. Poor mom. My best to you all.

  12. so ein chaos wünscht man sich nun nicht gerade - ich drücke die daumen für alle, dass bei euch bald wieder ein wenig mehr "ordnung" einzieht.
    ich hoffe, es klappt am sonntag!? liebe grüße, mano

  13. Ariane,
    I am just starting to catch up on posts after a lovely but chaotic week of my own when I read your post. I am sure you were shocked and worried about your son and daughter but glad to hear that things are started to fall back into order again. Hopefully it will all be nothing but memories soon.

    Here's wishing your next week is much more serene and enjoyable! xxx Cindi


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