Sonntag, 6. Juli 2014

dc #141: Inner Eye

It happens while movement
 (floating with e.g. this music)

when stay, too

with closed eyes

 My mother is clairvoyant
her mother was, too
as even me 
(it is so easy for me to go with my inner eye, 
it has been years approaching the here and now and I am glad having both now)

 and I have got my attentive eye on my daughters (is it a female phenomenon?)
The eldest, right,  has painted faces with three eyes as a four-old girl. For her simply normal. The youngest produced this monocle, left, with place for the nose... and the third eye.

For me the inner eye is the third eye, the same as the 6th chakra. 
This chakra is located in the head, it opens on the forehead between the eyebrows. It corresponds to the colours violet, indigo or deep blue.

So, I have given the porcelain figure a violet bindi, show you surreal works of my daughters and I rouged three eyes here and added an indigo-coloured blossom for this week's drawing challenge theme Inner Eye of our host Susan. Please find her colourful place to enjoy the turn out of more inner sights.

*    *



No 141: Susan with the Inner Eye at the 5th + 6th of July

next: No 142 Carole What's That?
at  the 12th + 13h of July

following: No 143 woolfy Nadeschda

 . . .

Who is our next host?

wish you a good sight!

9 Kommentare:

  1. well, can i say the figurine with the mauve bead does really remind me of you in person? honestly. with grace. and it is your drawing which makes me smile so. colouring paper with make up, now i'd never think about it, but look at that effect! that is grace on paper, love!

    clairvoyants, hé? yes you are too, i can feel it.

    oh, and actually? i'll host after carole. i've found a topic today.
    hope the home improvement works are running as smooth as they can!

  2. Just a lovely set of images, as Always, Ariane. So interesting, too, to learn the colors associated with the 6th chakra are the ones we both use to portray the inner eye in paint (or make-up)! I didn't know that, but it was the only color I could imagine using for my drawing.
    Clairvoyant, eh!?? Me, too, from always.
    Best regards for the new week - sus

  3. So much to see here .....I love it all ....the figurine with the bindi....your lovely drawing...the colors of the 6th chakra....your mother & grandmother are clairvoyant....& your daughters wonderful surrealistic inner eye ....all!

  4. This is really a nice post, soft and delicate images.

  5. such lovely dreamy images
    i could feel my heart respond
    how wonderful that your family has a line of women who are sensitive to this form of seeing
    i feel it is as natural as listening with our ears, but has been ignored for so long that it now needs practice to awaken
    lovely to hear of your family

  6. This post feels like a delicate dream...... floating in air.... seeing..... lovely!
    See you next week, dear Ariane. xo Carole

  7. I was also thinking about the chakras Ariane. Well done. I love the soft pastel colours and feelings of your images. That softness that comes with a revelation. How lucky you are to have a clairvoyant sight. (or maybe unlucky at times...I don't know) Big hugs for a lovely week ahead. :)

  8. I love how your posts are multi layered- the music was beautiful- thank you for that :) and your family and then finally your own creations- well done Ariane I love it all :)

  9. ;^))
    i could have known
    about clairvoyant
    it all makes sense, more sense
    you are such a warm sensitive person
    and i am glad we went, twice!
    the monocle makes me smile, as your eldest does ;^))
    and your drawing as i imagine you while meditating
    and next time i mediate i will put on this song

    Patrice A,



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