Samstag, 12. Juli 2014

dc #142: What's That?


What's That?
Is it a squirrel-angel over the roof?

and that? 

What's That?

* solving down at the end of this post

After all:
My favorite camera lens is broken
so I have photographed the moon with my telephoto lens. 
All other photos here I have taken by my new cellphone (lay in my drawer for weeks, but...)
even for this week's drawing challenge (and as of late I use Instagram...
hello! I have met there many friends :-)

Please come to Carole's to find more posts for her theme What's That?

P.S. Do you agree with a little dc summer break, too?
Dear Nadeschda mentioned it and I think I need a break, 'cause of the move.


No 141: Inner Eye 

today: No 142 Carole: What's That?

*dc Summer break* ?

back at the weekend of the 23rd + 24th of August (?)
with No 143 woolfy Nadeschda's theme

 . . .


it is better to have more than one, the own, sight on things to make the picture complete. Thank you, dear friends, that you share your sight with me!

Love, Ariane.

9 Kommentare:

  1. Hello dear Ariane. I saw the squirrel but had no idea I'd see an elephant!
    Yes, let's take a break. I hope your move goes well. xo Carole

  2. Witzigerweise habe ich gestern auch Wolkenbild zu diesem Thema gemacht, allerdings waren die Tiere schon wieder verschwunden bis ich die Kamera hatte und so ein schönes Eichhörnchen war nicht dabei.
    Auf einen Elefanten wäre ich jie gekommen,
    Dc sommerbreak definitely YES!
    L.g. Barbara bee

  3. I can't see the squirrel! Oh wait...yes, there it is! :D Love the elephant too. Nicely done Ariane. Taking a break till late August? Noooo. (sigh) Too much fun.

  4. i see your angel in the clouds, but without you I would have never seen it, so sweet.
    lovely photos... I could take a break, either way.

  5. your elephant reveals itself to us in stages. the elephant reminds me of the movie in which michelle pfeiffer collects elephants, and her gay neighbour/friend demands of her to put them all towards the window, instead of turning away from it, or some such thing. it is an hilarious moment, in an otherwise bittersweet movie (frankie & johnny).
    of course i agree with the summer break. you are the gatherer of our DC belongings, ariane, you are the greatest administrator, it is in honour of you, to have a little break. take all the time needed to move and enjoy those first moments of complete thrill and disorientation. this will only happen now, a new start up! {and i will be happy for a little summer of doing-nothing - which isn't true either, since i'm tackling our bathroom}.

    now. your moon. and the unlucky circumstance of breaking a lens.... what a pity. i would be devestated. i hope you can easily fix the problem, but what a glimp of good luck to still have your moon lens! on the occasion of instagram... thxs for the invite, but i own no smartphone yet. so for now, technology saves me. ahem.

    enjoy the moment {you do}. take a break, and bon courage on the moving UP! n♥

  6. No, I did not see the elephant... nice found. Good to have a break ... and maybe watching the clouds this summer. Thanks for all your efforts to host the dc. eric

  7. ;^))
    yes let's have a break!
    i need that and certainly do you!!
    i wish you all the luck with the move
    and hope you will post about it
    when there is time

    love this post
    and look forward to the other angel (!)
    you will show your life to us
    after the move

    Patrice A.

  8. I must admit, I am glad of a break announcement. BUT, I love this post and will be over to follow you on Instagram, where I look and enjoy posting every day!
    best wishes, sus

  9. Oh I saw the squirrel right away! I had to wait for the elephant to be reveled ....yes of course you should have a break .....happy moving! I will look for you on Instagram.



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