Dienstag, 1. Juli 2014


Jungspunde... whippersnappers

Abendstimmung... evening mood

 GER:ALG (30.06.)

 BEL:USA (01.07.)

 Himmelszelt... heaven's tent

I am absorbed 
even by the World Cup
and looking forward to a visit of my niece and friend from Canada!

 (next host of dc is Sus with her theme Inner Eye at this weekend)


  1. Ja, und diese verdammten Verlängerungen geben einem echt den Rest! Man war das spannend gestern.
    l.g. barbara bee

  2. looking forward to see some world cup finally (must admit i am a sucker for it!)
    sometimes i think you should have been a painter in another era... perhaps you were in your previous life?



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