Samstag, 28. Juni 2014

dc #140: nude

Here, close by Aix en Provence, France,
 I had my breakfast in the mornings after a lesson of yoga

at the weekend between two weeks
of a process of coming to term of the past, physically and psychologically stripped,

 I drove with three men to the Lac d'Esparron and impertinent, because even here nude, we immerged into delightful floods

I am very thankful for this experience for feeling those easiness 
and that they were really gentlemen... so this is a precious memory of freedom til today. 

Because of being nude is an intimate issue I can't show you this slides clear... and I have stopped taking photos of my kids when nude (even in a blurry manner). 

So, I search for the line of my own body in these sketches 
as a memento on a beautiful time.

For more nude, please take a look at Patrice's exciting blog. 
She has chosen the theme as our host of this (amazing!) 140th drawing challenge

Wish you a happy weekend!


today: 140th!! drawing challenge at Patrice's with nude


Susan will come up with a theme next weekend, the 5th + 6th of July
 . . .
Who is our next host?



15 Kommentare:

  1. What a beautiful tender exploration - virtue of gentlemenliness, how gentle and playful. Thank you for sharing

  2. I like the blurred photos. They express an intimacy & beauty in what they do not reveal. Your drawings also very nice & brave executions.

  3. lovely blurred images, full of joy and laughter
    your drawings.... soft and gentle
    and a rose in the end! ;^))

    thank you so much
    for sharing this memory
    and joining this dc!

    Patrice A.

  4. i am taken by the symbolism of your post. a fond memory is like this, it is yours and yours only, to keep, and how wonderful this could happen.
    you will not be surprised i am drawn to the emptiness in your last image. meaningful. full. n♥

  5. Ariane the slides are wonderful, the colour is exquisite, I can almost hear the laughter and the water, like a blurred still from a movie....

  6. Ariane, the blur, the water, the freedom...... how marvellous a memory. I wonder how many artists use their own body to draw the human nude? In today's age it's best not to take nude photos of our young children or grand babies. Have a wonderful weekend. xo Carole

  7. Ariane, your pencil sketches and slides are just right, blurring the line between now and memory, fact and recollection.
    Happy Sunday, sus

  8. this really speaks to memory- your photos- the blurry past of ease in the body and your pencil drawings are wonderful snippets- perhaps of Patrice I am drawn to the last photo- the emptiness :)

  9. Dear Ariane, as always, you tell beautiful stories in a charming way both in words and images:) and I as well am totally excited about the fabulous last photo! xo Leena

  10. wonderful memories are to be treasured.
    lovely that you were inspired by once upon a time.
    and sweet to see all your images, both photos and drawings.

  11. Yes, me too!!! Love the last photo in this post. I've never been skinny dipping (swimming in the nude) in my life and it is one of my regrets. Maybe one of these days I'll venture it. Stay tuned for when the police come to arrest me for making a disturbance! HA! I like your story and can imagine the tenderness in the feeling of it. This was a fun challenge. *smiles* Norma, x

  12. Love that you feel good enough to be nude. I always try for that too. But usually I'm alone driving into the mountains on a hot West Coast day and coming to a lake and taking all my clothes off and jumping in. Fantastic feeling.

  13. Selbst verwackelt sind die Bilder wunderschön! Und Deine Zeichnungen sind so zart und stimmig in ihrer Ansammlung...ein wenig, als hättest Du mehrere Deiner Dias übereinander gelegt... :-)

  14. Hallo Ariane, mir gefällt das blurrige der Fotos auch besonders gut, dadurch wirkt das Licht und die Stimmung, dieses freie Sommerliche besonders intensiv und gleichzeitig überhaupt nicht exhibitionistisch. Deine Zeichnung könnten auch gut aus dem Skizzenbuch stammen, das du damals mit an den Strand genommen hast.
    xo barbara bee

  15. Nudity is always an experience unlike any other and different in each person.
    and obviously should be an experience that is taken as an adult, we can not decide for boys or girls, and take photos of their nakedness.
    very good your sketches!!!



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