Dienstag, 10. Juni 2014

update: Dieser Tage... In the last days...

zieht früh am Abend ein Gewitter auf

by early evenings a thunderstorm is coming up


dann ist wieder eitel Sonnenschein. 
Vormittags sind's dann schon 29°C und es wird noch mehr

then everything is all coming up roses, again.
In the mornings there are already 84,2°F and more is coming

Ich brauche einen Kaffee und auch eine Abkühlung

I need a coffee and a cooling, too


upside down... never stops ;-)

Please notice the 'Hanged Woman' in the middle...
and look at the swans in the first pic!

Will come to your twists and turns of this dc, till I feel giddy.

PS: Any new host in sight?

update: Rachel will be our next host this weekend :-)


  1. liebe ariane,
    die seerosenbilder - so schön! vor allem mit der spiegelung.
    schwanenküken - schon so lange keine mehr gesehen, fein ist das!
    alles liebe und eine schöne woche

  2. ich kann die gewitteRbildeR so sehR mitfühlen .... wie schön es die letzten tage waR. mit deR RumgewitteRei. kühlen kopf diR!

  3. ;^))
    lovely images of upside down
    and like you
    i am looking forward to the new theme
    FROM RACHEL! olé!!


  4. I love summer storms.
    (I think I love fresh they bring)
    and I love ice cream, windblown trees, the reflection of the people in the water.
    and those flowers!
    good week, Ariane!

  5. how you come to shoot the movement in those trees with just one still, it is a total mystery to me! you seem to be having hotter days than us. don't push them downwards! ;))) n♥

  6. Lovey pictures of an early summer! Interesting theme, coca (running around my brain), cola. I'm in!

    1. Dear Joke,
      please tell even Rachel at http://hihappypanda.blogspot.de/ that you are in. We see us with a coke or two this weekend :) aahh, refreshing!
      Best, Ariane.

  7. oh yeah,
    the weather is pretty crazy no?
    global warming and all that jazz. or maybe not.
    hugs anyhow



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