Samstag, 14. Juni 2014

dc #139: Coca Cola

From early youth to now I had admired the typography (and taste) of this brand. 
For me the paragon of buoyancy, it's energetic and light... refreshing. It fits to the effect when drinking this potation, made after a secrete recipe beside among other fixings by
coca leaves and cola nut.

I remember a night with 86°F in Sudan and then...
drinking a fresh opened, cold, small curvy bottle of it... aahhh, dope! heaven!

Is it the caffeine? or the sugar? or both together,
or... after all the coca leaves that makes refreshed and wide-awake??

Well, I think one can get addicted to it! So I have made this sugar-writing with cheque card on a mirror like a cocaine consumer.

Stimulated by a German Fritz Kola with lotsoflotsof caffeine inside...

 I do right after the photo session here some drawings of a coca bush in the colours of
Coca Cola...

our theme of this week's drawing challenge hosted by sweet Rachel
temporarily based at Atlanta, Georgia/USA.

Please visit her blog Hi Happy Panda for more Coke!

Wish you a refreshing weekend


today: No 139 Coca Cola at sweet Rachel's Hi Happy Panda

. . .

Who is our next host?


10 Kommentare:

  1. Very funny the sugar on the mirror knew right away what you were doing! Very clever interpretation ....I like your drawings too.

  2. The "surprising" effect of a real coke! What a wonderful interpretation, Eric

  3. Wow, Ariane! I was totally suckered in by your mirror trick - what a rush. Anyway, very very clever and hats off! Wishing you a sweet weekend, Sus

  4. wonderfully, wonderfully original...!
    it's a coke!...

  5. ;^))
    how i love the way your mind works and your humour!!!
    coca cola aka coke, wonderful!!!
    love LOVE!

    Patrice A.

  6. Nicely done Ariane! I struggled with this one because I don't drink coke and the minute I saw your answer to this challenge I put my palm to my forehead! So obvious, so brilliant! Love it. :)

  7. Coke pictured as Art with a capital C. With a bottle coca cola in your hands and your mind filled with.... Well, I'm having a lot of fun reading your imagination about the word coca-cola! Great!!!

  8. AAHH! this is excellent Ariane!! and so fitting in a very cynical way I love it!!!

  9. Ariane,
    Loving this. The lovely script of Coca Cola is so lovely and attractive to the eye. And it's relation to cocaine a real one! Brilliant. Your red coca leaves are a nice finishing touch to the project. I love where how you interpret a theme. I'm always surprised!!
    Love to all,

  10. Haha, eine wunderbare Interpretation! Unglaublich toll umgesetzt! Auch die Vielfalt Deiner Gedanken und Bilder zu dem Thema sind mal wieder enorm. Typisch Ariane eben! :-)
    Mit etwas Verspätung ist nun auch mein Beitrag zum dunklen Kult-Zuckergesöff online. Darauf eine Cola. Prost! ;-)



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