Dienstag, 17. Juni 2014


Hereinspaziert! Come in!

Noch sieht sie zum Fürchten aus: unsere Wohnung ab August. Ja, wir ziehen um! 
Wir bleiben in der Burg am Eisenbach, werden aber dann mehr Platz haben :)

As yet it looks frightful: our home from August. Yah, we move! 
We stay in the Castle at the Eisenbach, but shall have more space :)

Gott sei Dank müssen wir hier nicht selber ran und die Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft saniert auch innen sehr gründlich (wir bekommen alle neue Sprossenfenster!). Wir dürfen auch Wünsche anmelden. Mein dringlichster: bitte keine Rauhfaser! 
Morgen früh treffen wir den Malermeister...

Thank God, we must not do it by ourselves and the housing cooperative refurbished even inside very radical (we got all new muntin windows!). And we are allowed to announce wishes. My urgent wish: no woodchip wallpaper, please!
Tomorrow morning we will meet the master painter...

Will come to your Cokes, this eve! And thank you for your comments :)

Any host in sight for the drawing challenge this weekend?


  1. the works, ariane! the works!
    and what a good idea you do not have to do it yourselves, but can command the masters... this must be an exciting time for you all... what an adventure. the space looks very, very inviting already... n♥

  2. Das sieht so toll aus und nach mächtig Arbeit, gut dass ihr die nicht machen müsst und besonders genial ist natürlich KEINE Rauhfaser zu haben (Neid) und ich freue mich schon sehr auf meinen ersten Antrittsbesuch im neuen decluttered home!
    L.g. barbara bee

  3. i LOVE denuded (??) homes
    that all is possible, a new beginning
    and what a beautiful light!
    and those doors.... sigh .....
    no, NO woodchip wallpaper, just paint, soft as flowerpetals ;^))
    i am so looking forward to visit you again in the future
    about the dc
    i can be host the week after June 28-29
    if there is nobody else

    1. sorry, what i meant was
      i can be the host for the weekend June 28-29
      or the weekend July 5-6
      just NOT this weekend
      Susan may choose ;^))))

  4. Oh what a treat, Ariane: new space blossoming in your beloved existing one. I will put on my thinking cap for the DC of July 5-6 weekend.

  5. Hmmm - now I just read the comment of Patrice and am not sure, maybe she is already our host for the July 5-6, so I could host for June 28-29 instead. Please advise, I look forward to hearing from you! -sus

    1. Dear Patrice at June 28+29 and
      you, dear Sus, at July 5+6
      thank you, my dearies!
      xo A.

  6. wow, what a beautiful space! looks like you will have a creative time in there...starting a new chapter.

  7. Very exciting to be starting fresh in this beautiful light filled apartment. I am sure the master painter will have it looking just as you want in no time!

  8. Maybe a little frightful but totally awesome space and light for you, Ariane! How exciting for you. xo Carole



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