Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

dc #146: Swoon

 From inside the Castle at the Eisenbach we still have not the best view, because of the plastic sheet of that ongoing renovation. But this autumnal light and temperatures outside are such a delight!


It makes me swoon... all is so livelily!

 I have drawn this sprite of a rose
on old wrapping paper with charcoal and coloured it with watercolour for this week's drawing challenge. Our host is sweet Tammie and her theme is SWOON
For more please visit her blog.

Wish you an enchanting day!


today: No 146 at Tammie's where beauty flows with SWOON

next: No 147: Stefanie Seltner with cookie (biscuit) at the 11th + 12th of October

who is our next host?



6 Kommentare:

  1. Your castle is laying there in beautiful surroundings, those nature colours..such lovely pictures. The beautiful lady, going to a ball, ofcourse her name is Rose and then I think about The Titanic. And this all comes from your drawing.

  2. such lovely glimpses

    and a sweet rose sprite
    i feel like i am in a dream when i look at it

    wishing you a good renovation!
    thank you for joining us Ariane ~
    and always hosting us

  3. this rose... really... is... a dress, right? a dress to dance in! what a joy a rose can be.
    i've been enjoying the late summer just like you, hoping it would not pass, because it is so moving, yet so still...
    x n♥

  4. that sprite ofa rose (of course!! ;^))
    such a sweet one
    running of to the party
    i can hear her dress rustle

    enjoy tthis beautiful autumn light
    i will too


  5. very beautiful castle ! :-)

    late summer is a wonderfull time this year !

    enjoy the coming week,

    ciao, A.

  6. It is hard not to see that rose as a dress, once it's been placed in my head...a beautiful dress for a lovely seed- I can hear the music you dance to in your autumn light castle :)



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