Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014

Drawing challenge #148: dress

 For this week's drawing challenge
I wanted to create a new dress for my paperdoll


 I have found a little space on the kitchentable... 

 and design a red dress:

 in my favorite colour, of course,
 with v-neck, a little bit see-through chiffon for the sleeves, the skirt floats away from the body in an a-line style and in a length between proper length and old fashioned

I put on this (aquacolour) dress my paperdoll and added it to a page of a Vogue

Sweet Patrice 
is our hostess of this week with dress
(here in a beautiful dress designed and sewn by herself).
Please come to her amazing place to see more dresses of others.

Next week's hostess is Stefanie Seltner with:

Wish you a happy day!



*today: No 148 Patrice A. with dress

next: No 149  Stefanie Seltner
with underwear at the first weekend of November


who is our next host?


9 Kommentare:

  1. i love your dress
    because it's so, so YOU!
    and thanks for joining this DC
    the kitchentable makes me smile
    the remains of a birtdaycake with candles!
    and that image of the ladies in their underwear

    fine sunday to you sweet Rose

  2. This is sweet Ariane :) I love the little spot on the table peek into your weekend- and playing with paper dolls is a favorite anytime !

  3. such good fun
    i have never made a paper doll, not my own
    yours are fun to look at and i love her new dress

  4. I love this red dress. Red is my favorite colour too!
    Enjoy the sunday evening.

  5. i can live with your kitchen corner, uniting the colours of the artiste and bakes from the kitchen! what more do we need when we are on a roll...
    i enjoyed the description of your sweet red dress, the flow and the see through sleeves. i imagine that dress on you, next roaming the neighbourhood, shooting images floating by. so. very. you.

  6. Oh yes, you designed MY dress, would love to be your paperdoll, you are a great dollmother! Hope to see you next weekend x Stefanie

  7. What a wonderful dress, Ariane. Although red is not my favourite colour..
    And I love the paperdolls in the garden...perfect background.
    ♥ Sabine

  8. And I thought I was the only one who remembered paper dolls. It seems we were all at play with this challenge. And I was at my kitchen table too. What fun! I like to think of all our paper dolls dancing the night away at the same party. They certainly are all well dressed!

  9. One day we should all get together to make and play paper dolls!
    I love your red dress....... do you wear red dresses too?
    Happy week to you. xo Carole



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