Sonntag, 12. April 2015

drawing challenge No 164: GRASS

In my family we love to have a picnic
and I loved to play outside with my sister

Imagine a cave in a clump of flowering shrubs behind the house.
Like in a huge nest my sister and me padded out the ground with fresh tufts of grass, 
built a carpet of it (the adults weren't happy 'bout destroying the lawn)
We played 'neighbourhood' with our friends in the next bushes: we visited us, barefoot, brought some fruits and Schnökerkram, sweets, from the little corner shop.

For this week's drawing challenge No 164 dear Veronica is our host. Her theme is GRASS. 
I have taken my old linocut of green roses {made it in 1993, you find more of it here} have drawn with oil crayon a tuft of grass and added soil.

Strandtreppe, 1970

Strandtreppe, 2015

My sister Irena lives over 20 years in Canada. 
She and Frédéric came for a visit to Hamburg (Mom's birthday. It was her voiceover in a short film by the ecology group in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, started with: "The grass is green, but toxic..." in the early 80th). They are already back in Montréal, now. I have padded the ground of my heart with fresh sweet memories...

Thank you for your visit. 
I wish you a sunny Sunday, outside and indoors!
(in Montréal und Hamburg... and around the world)

For more GRASS please come to Veronica's pretty place 

6 Kommentare:

  1. you both look so cute with those sunglasses, great photo with a picnic basket and all. it's great to have a sister, isn't it, building a nest of grass, i love the idea.

    i am glad you made use of your pretty linocut once more, i missed that dc last year,perfect background here too.

    thanks for the spring posy, small, fresh and beautiful, xx

  2. i so enjoyed seeing your photos
    you and your sister when you were young
    and to hear of your grass world

    that is a lovely linocut, and made new with grass and soil -
    wishing you a lovely Sunday too.

  3. Grass is so common and also so special. What if we couldn't have a picnic or play in the grass... Wonderful how you've combined your linocut with a grass drawing and soil. - eric

  4. Dear Ariane, clever how you used old with new! It's always a treat to see what you'll do with the challenge. It must be a teary sight watching your sisterly farewells. xo

  5. well, it isn't sunday at the time i read your magical post on childhood, family, memories and the earnestness of grass... but you sure bring in the mood of being lazy on a sunday. what a magnificent coming-together you take us on. well into your creative zone, da'ling! n♥

  6. sweet Rose Ariane,
    i love all of this sweet post
    about childhood memories
    that sweet image of you and your sister
    your art work....
    now i understand your comment so much better!
    yes, far away siblings we miss every day, right?

    thanXX for this
    right, left, right ;^))



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