Samstag, 23. Mai 2015

dc #168: FRIDA

Some days are full of suffering

Too many ideas overflows me
and even when the sun is shining, I see the shadows and transfixion

but suddenly, sometimes, it transforms 


me, my mirror and a brush full of pain(t)

This is my interpretation of this week's dc theme FRIDA by sweet Patrice
I have struggled, fought, brought me closer to the  theme (to Frida!) and draw with felt tip pen:

laying in a sunny bed with a body cast which is tooled with mirror and brush like hammer and sickle because of her political focus. I draw her like an icon {because she is! thanks to the feminist movement of the 70th} swimming in blue tears (Frida's colour for LOVE) and, of course, a garland of roses in her hair, all framed with leaves.

For more interpretations please look at Patrice's. Thank you for being our host of these 168th drawing challenge, dear friend!

Thank you!

10 Kommentare:

  1. Dear, sweet Ariane, you can not think of Frida without thinking suffering, that is so sad and true. I love your sensitive pictures. I wish sunshine in your life, Leena

  2. my dear friend, sweet rose Ariane
    i had the same, too many ideas and so little time....
    but we did it!
    yes, when thinking of Frida there is pain and suffering
    but she also was strong and i can see that in your drawing/painting

    thanks for joining!

  3. beautiful drawing full of symbolism, Frida's way.
    i love the hosta leaves, that vibrant green,yes you portrayed her as the icon she became, roses and blue tears as an aureola.
    isn't it wonderful that no matter how many hard times she has had in her short life, we do identify her with color and flowers, they did mean a lot to here without doubt.
    and ofcourse a rose, thanks dear Ariane, xx

  4. wonderful how you framed your Frida in hosta leaves and also the tears. I wonder what her life would have been like if she had not been in that accident. This piece overflows with feeling and i have looked at it a number of times.

  5. I love the responses to this DC!
    Yours is so thoughtful and I agree that she is indeed an Icon for women searching for strength!

  6. The suffering that Frida endured makes my head shake. Her exuberance for life, laughter and her art speak volumes to us, but possibly more so to women. Your treatment of Frida as an Icon is perfect. Just perfect. xo Carole

  7. Now that is so very lovely Ariane. So full of Frida spirit. You've captured her essence your way and done it beautifully. Love it. Hope your weekend is wonderful dearest, and sets up your week ahead for the same. :D

  8. and so you do, always, take subjects to heart so. i love the steps in your work here, the different aspects, the daring interpretation. so very much like how i've come to know you. n♥

  9. There is Beauty in suffering - Frida tells us so and you too. Thank you.

  10. thank you for this beautiful interpretation. I know so well what you mean; the sunniest moments sometimes bring the darkest of shadows. it is not the longing to suffer, like that old clicheé of the starving and torn artist, I believe it is the attitude towards those dark shadows. when we're willing to take them onwith all our hearts, than things might even fall into places. x annton



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