Sonntag, 17. Mai 2015

dc #167: Trickster

I watch a spiral 
in the fluffy blossoms of this peony here

Pan, the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks in the Greek mythology,
comes to my mind. He had a crook...

similar to the farn I have drawn
and, he must have been a real trickster {the concept of panic is derived from pan}!

No matter of this, a small edition of a trickster is living in our house ;-)
hope you can watch him here when he hoodwink me

I have found a cover of a ventilator, 
sprayed the fixture golden and screwed it the other way round -voilà- it's our new fruit bowl ;-)

Dear Victoria is our host of this week's drawing challenge no. 167.
Her theme is trickster and it was real fun to eyed the world with this theme in the background... please appear on her place to find more trickster!

Thank you very much for your visit!
Next week my friend Patrice will be our host.
Please stay tuned for her theme!

8 Kommentare:

  1. you clever woman!
    that fruit bowl looks so fine!!
    and those fluffy peony
    it's that time of the year
    and when i see them
    i think of you ;^)))


  2. Oh, die Ventilator-Schale ist ein Traum! Was für eine tricksterin Du doch bist! Und die Blumen...wunderschön wie immer!
    Herzliche Grüße

  3. I like your fruit bowl, lots of air for the fruit.
    spirals in flowers and ferns i always enjoy.
    your photos are lovely ~

  4. your fan trick is absolutely superb, so fresh, so clean, such designer's flair! and your trickster intern... yeah. cards'n'tricks, there's a guide to it, i believe, i'd rather let myself get tricked time and again.

    i'm waiting for the peonies to arrive. my mum has tons of promising flower heads (still budding) and i have 4, which is a miracle, because i replanted the bushes again, last autumn. n♥

  5. That's such a great idea. I bet with the circulating air the fruit stays fresh longer. I just came back form a weekend away to find that my peonies are opening too. Hooray! Love those flowers. I'm very late checking back with everyone because I forgot my pc charger and was computer free for the whole weekend! :D What am I like? Hope you have a wonderful week. Big hugs.

  6. A wonderful second life for the cover! Well choosen.

  7. A wonderful second life for the cover! Well choosen.

  8. dear Ariane, such a great idea, and to spray that fixture in gold, a sun... rays. i hope the sun will warm the peonies soon here too , i glimpse already a deep carmine velvet slit and i enjoy the waiting for something lovely.

    pan...panic, something learned too :) thanks, xx



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