Sonntag, 5. Juli 2015

Hitze, Gewitter und ein bisschen Regen

 Die Verabschiedungsfeier von der Grundschule der 4c 
begann am Samstag mit sengender Hitze, die im Wasser besser auszuhalten war. 

The farewell celebration from the basic school of the 4c 
started with blazing heat on Saturday, which was better to bear up in the water.

Später zog ein Gewitter auf

Later a thunderstorm came up

Mein Mann und unsere Jüngste fuhren mit dem car-to-go und dem Gepäck nach Hause (unsere Großen hatten keinen Schlüssel mit). Ich wollte noch an Feenreich und Elbe entlang spazieren...

My husband and our Youngest drove with a car to go and the luggage to home (our twins have forgotten the key). I would stroll along the fairy pond and the river Elbe...

und fand dieses wundervolle Motiv, das mich an Caspar David Friedrich erinnerte.

and found these wonderful motive, which reminds me on Caspar David Friedrich:
 this mood, light and the colors, the crucifix and tadaah: the sailing boat!

Mit dem Regen kam ein kurzer Sturm und ich nahm die Bergziege

With the rain came a short storm and I took the mountain goat (a very small bus)

Now it's Sunday evening and I wanna hug some blogfriends at the station ;-)

I think, we take a pause from the drawing challenge? A vacation? 
And dc No 173 later in the end of August? What do you think?


  1. that's a good idea
    a summerbreak!
    see ya!! ;^))

  2. AW, I was just thinking of calling a new one :( I'll miss you.

  3. I am always up for drawing challenge
    and considered hosting these past two weeks - but summer activities made me shy away. so maybe your suggestion of pausing until later in August is good.

    such lovely photos Ariane ~ sweet summer to you.

  4. Maybe just let it go....Who wants to call one just can do it:)?

  5. Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.



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