Samstag, 12. September 2015

dc #175: Pocket


: a hairstyle

 – and even: a marsupial women's handbag with straps, which are both fastener and handle

For this 175th drawing challenge dear Veronica is our host. 
Her theme is POCKET.

We own lots of Ikea bags from the time after the fire and water for firefighting on the Castle at the Eisenbach last November, when we had to get all things new. The straps of that pockets we used both as a fastener (the shorter one knotted) and a handle (the longer across the shoulder).

I have drawn with a permanent marker on one of those pockets a person with a pompadour hairdo.

What all the others do with this theme 'pocket' I wonder. Let's have a look at Veronica's!

Thank you for hosting, Vroni, and thank you for your visit. 

I wish you a wonderful weekend!

6 Kommentare:

  1. you are teaching me all sorts. naturally pompadour is marie antoinette times in my book, but that may be just my own concoction, because perhaps marie antoinette has nothing to do with mdme de pompadour. anyway, you have drawn pompadour's lover, have you now...??!! i wonder where that idea sprang from. actually, i wouldn't mind meeting him, he looks right handsome, introvert and charming. my kind. :-)))

    i've just noticed... you put "walk the lines" into your right hand column, how dear are you? yes, dear! thàt dear! thank you... x

  2. Ah the wonders of IKEA shopping bags. I currently use mine for recycling as my official blue bag was nicked!
    Pockets are for filling aren't they?

  3. Oh, now I want to go and draw all over the two Ikea shopping bags we managed to somehow snaffle (British for acquire in a not so legitimate way). Love it to pieces Ariane. We use ours for laundry sorting and hoofing up and down stairs. Terrifically handy things and now they don't have to be ugly and bland! :D

  4. that marsupial women's handbag with straps
    which are both fastener and handle
    fit you just perefctly!
    i image them to be rose pink ;^))

    i posted my 'pocket'
    and had to think of you
    because of the soft pink gladiolus
    and the rose quartz

    fine weekned to you!

    (and i so hope that
    you will be here next year ;^))

  5. Your huge bags made me smile. Never thought of taking them home:) - eric

  6. The beauty in the every-day items is not easy to find. But you see them.



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