Samstag, 14. Mai 2016


I started at the first tree of the botanical garden
{a huge plane tree Platanus x hispanica, planted in 1821 by Prof. Lehmann}

and I wrap myself in a palm leave, wearing it as a skirt, s.a.. You see, I am in a funny mood.
The whole week I felt like on cloud nine, especially in the open. Surely the influences coming from the south... with nice temperatures around 24°C 

Sometimes the veils raises

and the sky is an ocean
{of love}

I am back home
after the fire in my castle
the Castle at the Eisenbach

It is close to the skies
and it feels very good

It feels even very good to find back to a kind of routine, 
the sweet routine of the Art Challenge (former Drawing Challenge)

Eric of Cerulean is the host of the 194th AC with his theme SKY|SKIES

Between all the moving boxes I have taken my camera to touch the unlimited sky. You find more of it over his place! Thank you for hosting, Eric! And thank you for your visit, dear friends.

Wish you a beautiful weekend, happy Whitsun. 

Veni, Sancte Spiritus




Who wanna be our host for the next art challenge?

9 Kommentare:

  1. Ariane it is heartwarming to hear how happy you are back at the Castle (and close to the sky.)These photos are lovely. Dark sky/water marriage and bright sun lit flowers and trees. Perfect. In books I often hear mention of 'plane' fact, so much it drove me to google to investigate these plane trees. They are something indeed! Hurrah to Mother Nature for giving us the plane tree. And you! N, x

  2. darn, i'm old-fashioned girl! i'll quickly go change my DC into AC over on my post... my mistake..

    i LOVE how your posture grows from that palm plant's leaf, a reichardt-symbiosis that is completely understandable. as is your giddiness because of the sun, sun, sun which has now been squelched by the eisheiligen, for a few days until their rage is over... ;)))

    and then of course the full short lived season of the odourous peonies... ah, from creme tulips to fuchsia peonies. the flowers know how to please us well...
    enjoy your sunday and pfingsten weekend!

  3. For sure you must be in heaven (in the sky) now you're back in your house again. And all credits to you; I think the name changing (from DC to AC) has landed everywhere! Nice to see all your different skies. Thanks for joining. - eric

  4. AC; wonderful idea.
    you wearing a leaf for a skirt makes me smile.
    such lovely images.
    so happy you are back in your castle and enjoying it.

  5. I'm so happy for you that you're back home. What a long adventurous time you've had. I'm so glad it's behind you and only blue skies on the horizon in front of you! Big hugs. :D

  6. Liebe Ariana,
    herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Heimkehr. Es ist so gut zu hören, das sich das gut anfühlt: wieder dem vertrauten Himmel nahe zu sein.
    Danke für deine Worte zu meinen Russlandbildern. Mein Reisegrund war ein schöner: unsere Partnergemeinde konnte ihre neugebaute Kirche einweihen. Ein bisschen werde ich davon noch im Blog erzählen.
    Herzliche Grüße von Lucia

  7. rap yourself in palm leaves - amazing! how does it feel?!
    I love your post x Stefanie

  8. thank for the tour
    and i love your skirt of palm leaves
    as i do the soft pink one
    like a peony ;^))

    i keep looking at the sky images
    theone with the grit
    and the dark one....
    the last one moves me
    ok, i am a bit melancholic lately
    so tired....

    thank you and
    SOON, SOON!!! ;^))


  9. oh and i would love to be the host again
    number 196 so not the next one but one after ;^)))
    than i will have (and make!) more time

    Patrice A.



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