Montag, 9. Mai 2016


Great-great-grandmother and great-grandmother

Family after the death of our great-grandmother                                                                     grandmother


1. daughter

Ich hatte ein zauberhaftes, langes Wochenende voller Lachen, Singen und herzlicher Begegnungen:
in der Hamburger Kunsthalle (meine kleine Führung vom Samstag halte ich noch für verbesserungswürdig ;-)) und beim großen Familientreffen, dann Muttertags-Rhabarberkuchen und Art Tea Shop in der Bel Étage bei Lili Nalovi und Jesko Willert mit Maman und ältester Tochter. Das reinste Vergnügen!

I had an enchanting, long weekend full of laughter, singing and warm connections: 
at the Hamburger Kunsthalle (my little lead through the collection is in need for improvement ;-)) and at a big family gathering, then Mother's Day-rhubarb tarte and Art Tea Shop at the Bel Étage of Lili Nalovi and Jesko Willert together with Maman and eldest daughter. A pleasure!

Hope you're fine! Wish you a wonderful start into a new week :)

Love, Ariane. Rose


  1. Hi Ariane, I like to be the host for the next dc on the 14th and 15th of May.- eric

  2. oh, what a weekend you have had, and look at those family treasures. ancestry has a lot to answer for, we do take after them, even if we don't notice it straight away... awesome, those images. i also really like the maman image, concentrating on tarte!

    generations... we are making them. X n♥



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