Sonntag, 27. November 2016

1. Advent | Kranz | Kochbuch

Zum 1. Advent ist's hier sonnig

At the first advent the sun is back here

und ich habe endlich einen eigenen Tisch (AC# 197)!

rumms! das Rohmaterial für ein paar Kränze

Wham! the raw materials for some wreaths

Thuja, olive branches, eukalyptus, rosemary and rose hips... hmm, and hydrangea

Ich nehme das, was in den nächsten 5 Wochen 
in Würde trocknet und dabei auch noch gut duftet 

I take this, what will dry in the next 5 weeks 
with dignity and smells good, too



Ich habe in der AC#195 Garden Party etwas angedeutet

I have hinted at a project in the AC#195 Garden Party


Mein Freundin Anuschka fragte mich im letzten Mai, 
ob ich bei einem Kochbuch-Projekt mit Geflüchteten fotografieren wolle
 und ich sagte zu. Nun ist das Buch KOCHABENDE fertig. 

My friend Anuschka asked me last May,
 if I would photograph for a cookbook project with refugees
 and I agreed with her. Now the cookbook is ready.

 Ich freue mich, dass ich einen kleinen Beitrag zu diesem tollen Projekt geben konnte!

I am so happy, that I could contribute a little to this great project!

 Wünsche euch einen schönen 1. Advent

Wish you a happy first advent

Love, Ariane. Rose


  1. sigh....
    wish i could sit at your (!!) table
    my mother has the same one ;^))
    drinking tea while looking through the book
    what a fine, fine project!!
    would love to sit and chat

    1. ... Dear, you are welcome, Patrice, ever!
      Would looove to sit and chat
      here and everywhere
      next year in summer
      xxx Ariane

  2. Your wreaths are so lovely and inspiring!
    And the book looks great, how fun that you did that project.
    Plus sunshine for the advent.... it is always nice to see, we had some today.
    Lovely week to you!

  3. the one and only table of your own, as in room for yourself? oh, wow. worth the wait, huh? and already the wreath looks stunning. oh, i suspect you hum yourself a song as you go along? ;)))

    was it a good taste, on the cook's evening?? i can see you! well done, to help out on the images side too.

    so well chuffed about your table! n♥



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