Samstag, 5. November 2016


My son has brought me to this theme:
or... the scary part of school.
 I have blue-penciled my oil pastel drawing 
where I drew him with shirt back to front,
something like a straitjacket
even as an ascetic,
but he is a smart cookie!
so I add some brightness around the head
and a little bit of pink for the bright prospects.

I've met Bee yesterday at our bench in the palm house, where we had a fine drawing session ;-)

And besides drawing we've enjoyed an education of applied botanic right in front of our bench:
these students are in awaiting to taste the difference between vanilla and
vanilla essence with their's eyes closed, handed by their teacher.

We see the fruits of a sausage tree

and an ananas

and find the blossoms of pomegranate

I have added some more green
to my naked lady from the palm house

and have taken my old book for dictation of primary school and
draw a scene of ups and downs and open doors.

It's a little bit scary, a little bit Kafka-like,
but there is a little fun, too, the spirit of competition.

 Hello, again, at Rose!
I am the host of these Art Challenge #199.
Nadine Paduart
 Tania of ja.nein.vielleicht

and: welcome Sue
of slowfulhollows


No. 197 Room with A VIEW 
No. 198 TIDE

today: No. 199 with the theme(s) SCHOOL / HALLOWEEN

No. 200 at Stefanie Seltner's with

Winter salon


Thank you for playing this time, again!
Wish you a happy weekend.

Love, Ariane

A rave of photos from the palm house and Planten un Blomen

10 Kommentare:

  1. Oh my goodness, you lucky girl! You got to paint in a palm house and with Miss Bee! I wish I could transport you both to our little palm house to pain with me. :D AS it is, I love being there with you in your post and love that you had the experience. Beautiful naked ladies. As it is, my overworked butterfly brain went off on a tangent with return to standard time! I suppose I really do need that extra hour of Thank you so much sweet girl for calling the art challenge. <3

  2. what a mother's heart can suffer, when we worry. i hope things settle with your son and school. is he getting at the monkey age, ariane? take courage. it'll pass. it always does, time is a splendid foreteller, but the key thing is patience. and pink, obviously.

    so, yeah, a shirt on backwards... i see things can get akward. but what a great idea to go to planten un blomen and meet up with bee! and also with sun and picknick; even better!!

    i am loving the kafka effect and actually, this is very much how i have lived my years in school, these impressions and now the memories. i went back to an old school just before summer, i haven't posted a thing of it but you remind me of the value and the inspiration i can draw from it. doors and corridors indeed... and then the sounds.

    thank you for hosting, ariane. n♥

  3. Wow, that is a wonderful post! I do remember visiting the beautiful Planten und Plumen though it was ages ago.. And I would love to close my eyes and taste the difference between the real and essence vanilla, my favorite aroma: so sweet and comforting! ps my new blog is Artsumu - Artblurred by Leena:

  4. such an interesting portrait of your son. your words helped me to see what was being expressed. A strong feeling to it.

    love the idea of meeting with a friend at gardens and drawing and studying together.
    loved seeing all your blooming plants too! The only thing blooming here is mushrooms.

    Thank you for hosting!

  5. Poor kid, I feel for him and for you his mother! I hope this year gets easier as the days go on. Touching portrait, Ariane.
    Lucky you, drawing with Barbara! What a setting!
    Thanks for hosting again. xo Carole

  6. first THANXXX for the theme
    so i has to think and post ;^))

    love the drawing of your son
    but i do not totally get it...
    what is wrong?...

    you and Bee at the Palmhouse!
    made me smile and wish... wishing i was there

    before i get to emotional
    i posted my post
    only images
    but all about school ;^))


  7. herrlich! das hemd, das palmenhaus (tolle fotos bei flickr!!) und dein schulheft mit der wunderschönen zeichnung. mir scheint, sie haben uns früher ähnliche schrift beigebracht!! schön, dass du auch noch hefte hast.
    lieben gruß

  8. To answer your question about the 56 in my post. It was the year I was born in AND it looked great behind the school photo!
    xo C

  9. Ariane, when my eyes first landed on the portrait of your son with the shirt on backward, it tore at my heart strings. It really made me pay attention. I looked at it for moments...and then I read that it was your son...and then my heart strings really played. It says a lot this backward shirt without saying anything in words. When I read yours words about his being a smart cookie, I felt better and can place trust that he will be (IS) fine. Being a mother demands of us, that is for sure hey? Well it is nice to see BEE herself! What a fine day you two had together. The photos show so much beauty. In fact, your photos always show something A.! *hugs* to you, N,x

  10. I love the artwork of your son, very expressive and the colours are beautiful.. a calming to the back to front ness. drawing in the palm house sounds lovely. love the ups and downs and open doors too. thank you, for the welcome and for hosting ac.



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