Montag, 11. September 2017

New frame

I've taken a few pictures of my still as 
son has come in and brought me a delicious coffee. 
Outside pouring rain. The youngest snuggled deeper into the cushions
 and I've enlighten the candles.

The picture frame I've found at the flea market, yesterday. 
It's a 'Montparnasse' from France of the 30th and 
I like it very much!

Sun's come back :-)
Hope you're fine!


  1. wonderful the deko with new framework,it becomes autumnal!!!
    Wonderful the photos..
    a nice new week

    1. Yes, it becomes autumnal, liebe Elke.
      I am on the qui vive on rose hips ;-)
      Wish you a nice week, too


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