Mittwoch, 6. September 2017


 Later a little light came out
I enjoy the roses
and the trees are still green
when I have a look out of the window
here in the Castle at the Eisenbach 

Last Friday I've been to the palm house with Bee.
For some pics take a look here please.

Sugar bowl by Tina Kami aka uglyduckly
Cloth by Alessandra Taccia who I know since her times as la casita 
(when I started this blog and photographed these figs 7 years ago)


  1. wunderschöne romantische Fotos!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  2. it's almost like a kate bush song, i've been into kate bush songs lately. it's that time of year; nostalgia mixed with the soft sweet september days, very melancholic... your images add to my mood, for which i am very, very grateful. X

    1. Thank you, dear Nadine. Ja, it's an Autumn-like mood I am in and I love it. Kate Bush's songs... heavenly! X a.

  3. wunderschönste rosen! aber ganz verliebt bin ich in die dahlien vom letzten post. was für eine herrlich farbkombination!

    1. Als ich die Rosen bei Friedrich auf dem Isemarkt kaufte, liebe Mano, hatte er die Dahlien auch dabei... ich konnte einfach nicht widerstehen :-) Herzliche Grüße!



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