Dienstag, 29. August 2017

Symphony in yellow

I've found these dahlias at the market this morning 
(besides, of course, still, the roses). 
Van Gogh's sunflowers come to my mind. So to say: 

Five dahlias in a vase

A yellow symphony 
{with a touch of pink}

Background of his sunflowers here

Hey guys! :-*


  1. ***wunderschöne Sinfonie***
    Schonen Tag wüsnche ich dir!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

    1. Danke dir, liebe Elke! Ich wünsche dir auch schöne Tage,
      liebe Grüße,

  2. So pretty. You do have a lovely way with flowers.
    Thank you for your eclipse visit.

  3. Antworten
    1. I am sorry, I can't understand arabic so much...
      Salam aleikum!

  4. i saw this post last week. sadly, my silly cell phone wouldn't let me post... i never returned. but·here·i·am! X


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