Samstag, 10. Februar 2018

Grey turns blue

Heaven! Light! Blue sky (and moon) at morning makes my heart gently.

It is Winter at the Eisenbach
but despite of snow and ice there are little signs of Spring. 

They populate the trees and bushes: Cyanistes, too speedy and smart for me to catch clear and
detailed by camera, so I make quickly this drawing.

I evacuate the hyacinths to the staircase because of their strong fragrance. The light outside
is so very beautiful and long wished-for. It makes the world looks new to me.

I try to photograph more people. It is so exiting for me! This lady for example has taken
a seat at the train in front of me. She catch a pocket mirror, green spangled with a pink rose, and
fished an eyelash out of her eye (maybe she took a wish?). Me fascinated, but too shy to ask her
for a photo and, I was afraid to disturb the situation with my question. So, as she closed her eyes,
her face turned to enjoy the sun, I pluck up the courage and took this photo with my mobile.
Or, is it... craven? What do you think?

Right after that she left the train and my battery devoid. These feeling! A bygone feeling
from times of analogue photography, to wait for my photos to process.

Have it sunny, dear friend!
Love, Ariane. Rose

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