Sonntag, 30. September 2018

Apples and pears

After I've painted my still-life I rearranged the bigger still-life

It has been such a pleasure to sit at my kitchen table and
do something with a brush, pigments and an egg!

My canvas with 30x40cmm had to wait with its whiteness, 
I've taken the smaller one. You'd know it: it is from the
So the name said it all. And...

as I've taken a seat in opposition of the pears, today morning,
I brush out of hand on the backside of the canvas the other view.

Because I'm move into gear I've painted
the belly of the vase gold (former black)

On this sunny day I've baked a cake with
apples from the garden with the water lilies

rested less

til eve

Ariane. Rose

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