Samstag, 27. Februar 2016


The cocoon starts to spin, it spins like a whirling dervish –
and suddenly, it falls down! There is a crack,
golden light and the hull is open

Oh! and there is something inside,
a black orb, well-cushioned

I shake it, softly, and the orb sloughs, rolls out of the soft cell

I reach for the orb
and in my fingers, like a waxing moon, it turns golden!

I am the host for the 190th of drawing challenge and the theme is


Starting with the COCOON, theme of the last week's drawing challenge of Patrice, I ask myself what will be inside of it. I didn't know. Then, through the experience of strange bad headaches, especially in the last year, I venture the guess, that there is a remain of grief and I should better ease the tensions... and the line of Faust I by J. W. v. Goethe has passed my mind:

"Das also war des Pudels Kern!"

"So this, then, was the kernel of the brute!"

For sheer fear to fall in a depression, I hadn't allowed myself to feel or express any sadness, no tears. But this is so important! And, it is only a mood, a slowly mood, but only a phase.

For this drawing challenge I have padded out the cocoon with catkins and colored a kernel of an
avocado black and golden (thank you for your patience). With the same egg tempera I painted a canvas (20/20cm, ca. 8/8inch):

The metamorphosis of an attitude (one can turn it)

For more of metamorphosis have a look at these amazing players:

woolfy Nadeschda, Rachel F., Barbara Bee, Roberto M., Veronica R., Tammie Lee, Patrice A.,
  Lisa Herzfrisch, Leena Vainio, Tanja, Stefanie S., Eric, Lucia H.
and Norma

I am really curious about your metamorphosis

Thank you for playing, dear friends!

I wish you a happy weekend!




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Our next host of this week's art challenge is Veronica.
Her theme at this weekend, the 5th + 6th of March is



9 Kommentare:

  1. I very much love what you did with your cocoon! i love that you continued the theme. Yours is so beautiful.

    lovely that you have found what may be inspiring the headaches. we hold so much inside. wishing you grace as you let go and mourn.

  2. That's magical... :D ...I can't stop smiling looking at that golden orb. What a beautiful metamorphosis. But if I had a pussy willow lined cocoon, I might never step out.
    You know, sometimes I get myself all tangled up with fear or grief and I have to stop and remind myself that right now, this minute, there is nothing wrong. Right now I have food and shelter and warmth and love...and that's much more than some people have. Big hugs.

  3. what are you like? catkins on the inside of your previously announced cocoon? oh, my your mind is endless, it is to die for. such a wonderful, fantastical journey through a few posts, weeks and your own powers to create. pure luxury, baby.

    but then onto the subliminal, and your quest into the mind (indeed) and the aches it can produce. so reassuring then, you should encase bad aches with the winter turning into spring, or weiden-kätzchen protecting and curing the dis-ease.

    yes, you need to ackowledge depression, if not the tension rises and doesn't fail to snap back. if depression is a low, then we need the low to be able to rise again, counter balancing our existence. yes! we need the lows!

    i simply love the sobriety and the symbolism of your canvas too. in turning it round lies the cure. :-)

    i've been happy to play this theme... n♥

  4. Dear Ariane, The theme is wonderful, not an easy one (for me). I love the delicacy of your pictures and words. Hope the warmth and brightness of the spring will give you comfort and joy, love Leena

  5. I'm surprised by the outcome. It's a wonderful and metaphoric post.The black orb, turning gold, embedded in the catkins. Love it! - eric

  6. That painting is as large as life itself. To turn it. Wow what a metamorphosis that is indeed. Such a symbol. Such power. Such necessary balance of black/white, day/night, light/dark, yin/yang, male/female et. al. Without the one we would not have the other. They are necessary to each other. In the kernel of depression lies the joy and in the midst of joy lies the depression. I was so wondering about the papier mache globe you made last week. Such suspense and such surprise and wonder and appreciation and humour and sharing and ART in this treasure you made. Thank you for all of it Ariane! hugs, N, x

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  8. Vielen Dank! Die Metamorphose von des Pudels schwarzen Kern in pures Gold ist sehr wahr - wir können viel verwandeln. Dazu gehört, den schwarzen Kern erstmal in die Hand nehmen, annehmen. Oder eben die Depression zu lassen. Das kenne ich so gut, auch wenn ich beim Verwandeln noch strauchle.
    Herzliche Grüße von Lucia

  9. I am so sorry Ariane, last weeken i had a lot of work to do and i could not do my work to play on time, but i did it now. Thank you for the invitation :)



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