Montag, 15. Februar 2016

Kurzurlaub in den Tropen

We've met at the palm house, last Friday. 
It looked like a day for water the plants. Because of the low temperatures outside, first my lens was fogged, when I enter the inside of the glass house. Waiting for Bee, I strolled around, took photos with camera and phone, attentive of the gardener, who still ran with the hose pipe. There were a sound of quaffable bicker in the air, warm and fresh, livelily and somehow lip-smacking. I took deep breath, with a smile on my face.

Bee came and we took place on a bench under the blossoming 
nutmeg tree and started to draw its blossoms, which were fallen down.

I had trouble concentrating for drawing, because of other visitors of the palm house watching us or the gardener... I think he made jokes with us, coming with the water close to us and laughed about our worry to get wet.

I even get sidetracked by different other attractions and asked another gardener e.g., what is the reason for this sail. The answer: it is for bringing the warm air down to lower levels,

it is for circulate the air.

I had never seen the blossom of a banana tree before! Did you?

We will come back, will meet at the fishes or under the nutmeg tree, again. 
When it is cold outside, and one can't travel to a warmer place... , the inside of a palm house
 is a fine place to hibernate!

PS: I will come to your LOVE (dc #188) soon!

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  1. Ooohhh, das habe ich ja jetzt erst entdeckt! So SUPERDUPER! Tolle Fotos, auch von mir (man sieht nicht soviel ; ) )
    War das nicht einfach herrlich !?
    Da müssen wir bald wieder hin oder woanders Kreativurlaub machen.



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