Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016

dc #188: LOVE

from the www

Since I have seen the poetic movie Bright Star and especially it's
fantastic set- and graphic design in 2009/2010, I wanna make such a
little letter for Valentine's day

 now I finally know how to fold them! Love let grow wings...

Sparrows, commissional work for a party of love, May 2015

For this week's drawing challenge No. 188 we welcome a new host:
 It is Melodye and her theme is LOVE

Please feel and see the love at her place
You will find love of other artists there, too.

I wish you a happy day full of love!

PS: Some of us know this theme for a drawing challenge:
In May/June 2011 it has been LOVE, too (dc No. 18), right?

7 Kommentare:

  1. I like your work. I like when you're unfolding the paper appears something new. As between two lovers who discover something new every day.

  2. Liebe Ariane, jetzt weiß ich, was du mit dem gefalteten Brief meintest (ganz anders als ich gedacht habe), der ist der ganz wundervoll gelungen mit dem zarten Herzen, Blättern..., paßt sehr gut zum Film setting!
    Wünsche dir einen ganz tollen Tag!
    Barbara bee

  3. all love-liness here! such a sweet folded piece.
    charming birds too. some themes just need to be repeated ;-)

  4. ha! that butterfly scene from bright star. now there's a film about romantic love, and heartbreaking realities... i have however forgotten about the love letter, thank you so for reminding me of it. oh, that film... can you imagine how i felt when i went to see the house, on a clear hot sunny day? now there's a place to dwell for us, challengers...

    yes, maybe so, maybe the time is now to start that journal and write down such events as to not forget about them too quickly. i do actually see it as a memory training thing too, and i can assure you i forget what happens to me during the course of a week, a day, sometimes, when i don't write references down... yes, of course it's a multitude of things to remember, it is also selective memory training; oh, and PLAYING!!!

    your mind overflowing? now, why doesn't that surprise me? i'm glad for you. and actually no, i wasn't aware of this one, an earlier love theme in our DC 'career'. i cannot for the life of me remember what i entered (!). must go and check that out.

  5. I like your folding. It invites to play and experiment (and to hide messages:) Amazing photo found on the web! - eric

  6. haven't seen that movie
    but love the still you used
    and your folding.... this theme
    suits you so well

    sweet you
    will you join
    this weekend
    i have poste a theme ;^))



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