Mittwoch, 2. März 2016

More of metamophosis and: dc? A change of name!


Rheims, 1989

These photos are analogue photos (60x40cm/ca. 24x16inch)
and real originals, 'cause their photographic negative were burnt.
Its metamorphosis has been caused by the water for firefighting;
I stop this process with dying them. 

This photo (see above, left) is the backside of this (see below, left).
It lay on that one (see above, right)

2003          2005

I don't know, what to do with them.
Should they go or should they stay?

Five years ago in January, we started the drawing challenge
The background was to draw again, to do something by hand and not only to push a computer mouse... and it was so very exciting! Elisabeth Bucht from Sweden was the initiator. 
She was the very first host and her theme was: 

I remember, that it stirred my blood, when I published this

(and it was so much fun to give her different outfits and hairdo)

Elisabeth Bucht is known as Garnapa, for me the Queen of Threads.
You can find her and her fantastic handicraft here on Instagram.
Ever so inspiring, poetic, meaningful and powerful: I love her art!

For me it is still fun at the point of 190 of drawing challenges
(and I cannot believe, that I did 185 of them!)

Because we not only draw for this challenge, but even f.i. paint in oil 
or watercolor, we print lino or copper plate, built objects, make videos...
So, I think it's time for a rename {I hope you agree!} into 

art challenge

(To talk with Joseph Beuys: Every single human is an artist!)

Our next host of this week's art challenge is Veronica.
Her theme at this weekend, the 5th + 6th of March is


Love, Ariane. Rose

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  1. these images are beautiful, besides painful (for you then), because they refer to a time era that no longer exists and has changed abruptly, which us people never like much... i think they have value, because of it, and their effects on one another, you know, sometimes an artist thrives to come to these results... maybe there's a few you can store for future reference. i think you could even frame some. are the kids interested, they might soon, when their rebellious years surface? of course, you have SWEET kids!

    art challenge? the phrase covers the subject better, and of course we've grown into that abbreviation of DC, which then would rolls into AC... which makes me think of a certain heavy metal band.. mhmmmm, a new challenge? hee hee...
    X n♥



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