Sonntag, 6. März 2016

art challenge #191: LEAP

After we visited Horst Janssen's Archipel, we were delighted, Maman and I.
Then we took a look over the river Elbe and were astonished about these twisted tree, later.

 My shadow with the shadow of the branches on my head let me think on a form of qigong, the five animals frolics. Please have a look at a short video here: a free interpretation of the deer (Das Spiel des Hirschen) by Professor Jiao Guorui. During a practice I giggled for joy: it was the part when the deer makes a leap forward: 01:04min (my instructor, a TCM doctor and pupil of the Professor Jiao Guorui wasn't amused).

In the TCM there is the system of five phases of transformation: wood, fire, earth, metal, water. 
The quality of practicing the deer is for the element wood, for stretching your muscles and tendons (after torpor), expansive. So, I have drawn the phases of water, Winter, to wood, Spring with a leap of a deer. I have cut a branch of a willow, sopped it in ink and started to draw. With a catkin I colored the fresh green loop by oil crayon .

I listen to the soundtrack of the movie 'Out of Africa' while I have taken the photos for this art challenge.

 It is grey outside, less light inside, so I have to take the drawing to the windowsill. But the birds sing, already. And my heart do a skip, a leap into Spring! LEAP: It's the theme of our host Veronica. Jump over to her amazing place, please, to join more artists!

 Who will be the host of the next drawing art challenge?

PS: You can find more of the phase 'wood' on my bookshelf: a fresh blooming branch + spring blossom like hyacinth, wood in any form, even paper, and the color blue and green. And you can find the expanding energy of this phases in the layout of the text, too, it's space-consuming.

PPS: It is now past 2 o'clock, already Sunday, and a bird sings, now! Maybe a nightingale, or a longing robin.

4 Kommentare:

  1. I find you to be so creative, dipping willow in ink, using willow for green. wildly wonderful. love that crooked tree.
    as i write i am listening to the mating call of a fox in the wild, will he draw in a mate.....

  2. I love your tree.(There is a similar one in front of my house).The birds are coming back. The spring leap.- eric

  3. i seriously like how you call your mother 'maman', so very stylishly french, ma chère!

    as for the tcm i poured myself a strong coffee and have some leftover cake for brekkies while getting into it, and so agree with the giggle! i actually need some element of wood, because i'm suffering from tendonitis on my left wrist!

    clever girl, to use mother nature as your guide into leaping, of all sorts too. a giggle is a leap! ;))) but the deer is tender and sweet. and all yours, from where i'm sitting. hi then, meryl. you actually look a bit like meryl!!!

    i'm hearing the birds too, in the mornings, if it's not too rainy. the very first morning i heard one singing, it felt like pure magic. what! a bird? alive. outside, somewhere near the house... such joy....
    ps - the flower. i call it paper flower, because it is rice paper thin and it sits in a bouquet i got a week ago. i don't know the name, but it's so beautiful, and light and it dries well. i must look it up.

  4. yesterday morning, while riding to the station, the birds were singing so loud... spring is coming, we will leap into the light and bright!

    loved the video!!!!
    long time ago i took tai chi lessons for years, and loved it
    thanks for reminding

    for now i have caught a cold....
    and dream of the summer and our gathering




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