Samstag, 26. März 2016



It is a silent rose, this time, but turbulent times behind the scenes...

Ich habe auch noch eine Menge Geburtstagskuchen in der letzten Woche gebacken
 und spielte mit goldenen und schwarzen Pigmenten und mit Weidenkätzchen

 I have baked a lot of b-day cakes this week, too
and played even with golden and black pigments and willow catkins

A new interpretation of 'cup' {art challenge No. 117}

'Pink horse' is the new theme of the art challenge 
at the first weekend of April. It's Norma's theme (thanks for hosting, Dear!) 
Please tell her you're in.

I will tell you ...
but first I wanna gather my big family and enjoy nature, tomorrow:
love and peace!

*Postcards (first pic) of the hare from left to right by:
  Olga Inoue, Albrecht Dürer, Horst Janssen


  1. such wonderful images.
    those catkin cups are amazingly interesting. love looking at them.
    pink horse up next.

  2. yes, you are, aren't you? a lover of catkins. like tammie, i find they do look amazingly interesting, those cups... n♥



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