Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

Treffen / Meeting 2 DTH

... und abends im Bok in der Schanze lecker gegessen.

... and in the evening delicious food at Bok in the Schanze.


  1. How great that you are all able to meet up like that- what a wonderful day!!

    I would love to join you someday :)

  2. Ganz großartige Fotos!
    Muss ein ebensolches Treffen mit ebensolchen Frauen sein, viel Spass und liebe Grüße

  3. ooh yes!
    I like the picture of Barbara and me

    Patrice A.

  4. Oh, what incredible photos - and I'm happy that one can't see under my dress ;)
    I agree with Patrice, but I like all the others as well, especially the blurry one of DTH and those that I missed.
    I loved every second of our meeting!
    Love Barbara

  5. i loved every second too!!! it was like a wonderful dream and now i can't wait
    to make new plans for the next tour! how about belgium and the netherlands;))
    thank you for all your great pictures!!
    xoxox, julia

  6. What fun! Next meet up you could all come over to Vancouver and we could have a day (or two!) of gallery hopping, latte drinking, and loads of chatting and laughter! :) xo Carole

  7. Gorgeous you all four! I'm not sure who is who but I like to jump to the other ones and read their stories and see their pictures.


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