Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

dc 88, SNAKE

If you are prudent 
prove to be a bowl and not a channel 
which nearly current receives and passes
during those waits since it is filled.
Thus it passes on that what overflows
Bowl of Love, Bernhard of Clairvaux

In the case of a snake it is waiting since their new skin is completed
 and than starts to exuviate its skin... amazing!

I am the hostess of this week's drawing challenge... the 88th!... The theme is SNAKE. 
Sorry that I am a little bit late, but my Twins (btw born in the last Year of a Snake) and Youngest keep me busy. 
My snake is a paperwork in removable layers. The rose patterned paper is bought and I cut a shape of a snake. I have drawn the snake's skin with an inkpen on transparent paper.

Please have a look at many more snakes of this fabulous ladies her:














Thank you for playing... Wish you a happy day!


Now: No. 88 Snake

Next: No 89 Stefanie with CROWN at the 19th + 20th of January 2013

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17 Kommentare:

  1. yes amazing, you depicted that amazement, a rose snake, look at that!! the rosy color shining through the drawn snake bringing it alive,

    if a snake with such a gorgeous pattern would excist it would be much admired but also fiercely hunted i'm afraid, but i know it's safe here ;) xx

  2. thanks for getting us started again Ariane, i'm having fun and wonder all morning looking at snakes, x

  3. the layers
    the beautiful drawn snake
    the new skin
    like Renilde said
    you bring the snake alive
    thank you!
    for keeping us going
    with this drawing challenge

    Patrice A.

  4. Wow! Das ist wunderschön und sieht auch noch so wahnsinnig dreidimensional aus! Super Idee, das mit der Häutung und eine Eigenschaft, die ich auch manchmal gerne hätte... ;o)

  5. a peel-able snake! arrgrghghghg. don't make me even think of it. there's not alot i find iffy, but a snake is not my favourite pensée... still. your imagination runs riot, as usual. i bet you had fun, in between home busy-ness!

  6. Toll ist sie, deine Schlange in Schichten.
    Leider bekomme ich dei neuen Themen immer zu spät mit, ich würde auch gerne mal wieder dabei sein...
    Hoffentlich bei einem der nächsten Male.

    Herzlich, Katja

    1. Vielen Dank, Stefanie hat mich schon eingeladen - ich weiß nur noch nicht, ob ich es zeitlich schaffe... immer das gleiche Problem. Wär schön, man müsste nicht seinen Lebensunterhalt verdienen, da bliebe einfach viel mehr Zeit für Schönes...

      LG, Katja

  7. dear ariane,
    i am so sorry i missed
    that one, but thank you
    so much for your kind

    such an interesting
    and delicate
    snake you have made,

    happy new year to you, dear

  8. total genial!
    diese Umsetzung der Häutung, ich mag auch das Zweidimensionale.
    Freu mich auf Dich nächstes Wochenende, Königin
    x Stefanie

  9. Lovely snake ariane! Thanks for the invitation, so wish I could have joined in. Hopefully will join next week! Now I am off to veiw all the snake creations!

  10. Ariane......I love this rosy snake of yours! I'll try to think of this when I see a snake slithering past me in the summer. xo Carole

  11. Eine geschichtete Rosenschlange...wunderschön.
    Danke für die Inspiration, es hat Spaß gemacht mitzumachen.
    ♥ Herzliche Grüße

  12. I love the concept of your snake drawing, able to shed its skin. This snake has a very benign look about it, almost a kindly expression on its face. Thanks for a great challenge, sus

  13. Dear Ariane
    If the world had your snake of many skins even a rose petal one perhaps Id be less scared of them. I really like the cutout effect and the layering. Only you could make a snake so appealing and rosy!

    Helen x

  14. I love how inventive and creative this is! I had to look back at the snake after reading your description. I didn't catch that it actually shed at first! Just wonderful! And non threatening , I might add.
    Your fine pencil drawing is wonderful and I'm sure can be placed over all kinds of interesting patterns. Fun!
    Love to all,

  15. hello you rose!
    it´s amazing how you can make a snake look like a rose!
    but well, it´s feminine!
    thank you dear friend!



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