Samstag, 19. Januar 2013

dc #89: CROWN


the Queen of the Castle at the Eisenbach 
takes a look at old paintings of her ancestors and her silverware made of solid gold...

 guilded gondola (they did beautiful journeys on the Eisenbach 
having picnic under willows giving shade)...

and some insignia...

 Its been a while...

I take my sketch book and start to portray some crowns

 Open Crown of solid gold with emerald, for the dry and warm season

Closed Crown of solid gold with ruby and velvet, for the wet and cold season

Ring Crown of solid gold with turquoises, amber and ruby for good mood

Crown with jags of solid gold for bantam

Crown for princesses of solid gold with amethyst beads


 Nowadays I am not wearing a crown... it damaged my hair...  
but try to be aware of my crown chakra more often... its a very upraising feeling ;)

 This week's host of the 89th dc is dear Stefanie Seltner with the theme CROWN. 
Only this word strikes a chord in me!  Crown... (Latin) corona... for me the materialised form of a Heiligenschein, a gloriole!

 I've taken a sketch book that I own for a while... Stefanie inspired me because of her 'sketchbook project 2013' to experiment and learn about it (Danke!). So I notice that its nice to draw in it with a pen, but difficult to paint with aqua...

*2 'Verona' by Jan Kath 

Now, please take a look at more crowns at Stefanie's marvellous place!


NOW: No 89 Stefanie with CROWN at the 19th + 20th of January 2013

follows: No. 90 Norma with BEAD at 26th + 27th of January

afterwards: No. 91 Emily at the 2nd + 3rd of February


14 Kommentare:

  1. Haha, großartig! Für jede Stimmung das passende Krönchen! Die royale Qual der Wahl in Sachen Kopfbedeckung. Ich bleibe wohl vorerst bei simplen Strickmützen, die halten eh viel wärmer! ;o)
    Danke für diese tolle und umfangreiche Kollektion!
    LG aus der Kaiserstadt

  2. your crowns are beautiful!!!!
    they look like very small drawings, right?

    (oh, not to damage your hair test with a crown of butterflies and fireflies with some mint leaves, I'm sure you'll look great)

  3. Your crowns look lovely... love both the one in pen, and the painted ones ... even if they were more difficult - so beautiful!

  4. That delicate gold filigree piece is wonderful! as are your crowns delicate and wonderful!
    Your post makes me imagine what it must have been like to float down that river :)

  5. such delicate little crowns I really like them alot. The colours are beautiful. Are you participating in the SKB13 this year?

    I participated in the 2012 one and was supposed to be in this years but left my sketchbook in Tassie. I recommend it lotsof fun and good for the design/srt skills.

    Helen :)

  6. thank you for the smiles ariane... : )

    i agree, those crowns totally wreck our hair. ; )


  7. your very fine little catalogue of crowns has a fairy-tale feel about it so has that beautiful golden jewel,
    you wear your crown of lilies and roses dear Ariane, it becomes you so well xx

  8. sweet Ariane,
    this theme fits you so well!
    I love your soft and delicate drawings
    and your humor!

    Patrice A.

  9. What an extensive post with colorful photo and drawn research. I love the dainty little sketches. Yes, jewels add a sparkle to the bearer.

  10. Is Crown Head the same as Hat Head, Ariane?
    Princesses must have in castle hairstylists!

  11. Oh, Ariane - Delicate watercolor crowns
    for all seasons.
    What a delight! xxoo, sus

  12. i love your crowns,
    the inner one
    and the ones on paper :)

  13. wie hübsch sie sind, deine kronen! da kann man jeden morgen überlegen, zu welcher gelegenheit man sie trägt ;-).
    ich wähle heute die ring crown - mein tag wird schön, ich erwarte lieben besuch!
    ganz liebe grüße von mano

  14. schöne Zusammenstellung!
    Schön auch das alte Buch, das nun zu seiner Bestimmung findet, freut mich, danke Dir auch,
    liebe Grüße



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