Samstag, 26. Januar 2013

dc #90: BEAD


 When it bubbles over again and fizzes
in the Castle at the Eisenbach the Queen counts beads like a mantra...

 The making-of from pearl rings I show you at dc hands

 and this beads I paint 
with white colour and powdered mother-of-pearl on black cardboard. 
Each pearl reminds me on the moon...

 For this week's dc dear Norma is our host. Her theme is BEAD... please come to her beautiful place and find more of it from all over the world.

(I've enjoyed the blog-party for Nadine very much! Thank you, dear friends!)

Wish you a happy weekend! 


NOW: No. 90 Norma with BEAD at 26th + 27th of January

next: No. 91 Emily with DISCOVERY at the 2nd + 3rd of February

follow: No. 92 Helen (theme will be published on next Sunday) at 09th + 10th of February


11 Kommentare:

  1. dear Ariane,
    I had to think of
    your beautiful rings
    when I read the theme
    of this week

    I like the moon-pearls
    very, very much
    they shine

    Patrice A.

  2. Those moon beads are fabulous dear Ariane! Oh how great. A necklace for the universe. A spot to count wishes. To pray. And the little bag marked MAMA PERLEN brought tears to my eyes. There are thousands and thousands and thousands of little bags marked 'pearls' that lay in special spots and tucked away for safekeeping, all over the world. Loved this post tremendously. You are the Queen of the Castle my dear! Hugs, Norma, x

  3. Hey, somehow these beads are like jewels, I see them as exciting as jewelry
    I love the the woman's picture (are you?) Almost a Vermeer painting :)

  4. Love the moon beads ! I want to see them closer and maybe from the side to see if they really do glow!
    Quite a collection you have and those rings are out of sight!

  5. Who is your model for the "Girl with the Pearl earring"? She is bella. I love the build up of beads, dishes and stringing. Did you create the rings, gorgeous. I agree with Kristen, the moon beads are amazing.

  6. So true Ariane

    just like little moons. A lovely post and really nice to see some of our finery too.

    Helen :)

  7. My favorite: your painting of the beads. Yes, as Helen says, just like little moons.
    xxoo, sus

  8. once again, i come back here, in after party spirit, to thank you for your generosity, and your creativity.
    i think i owe EVERYBODY hugs and kisses too.
    the tears i keep in a box, they sparkle.

    much obliged and ♥♥♥

  9. So schön, Deine Perlen-Sammlung! Am besten gefällt mir die Mama-Perlen-Verpackung, man kann sich den kleinen Schatz an Inhalt bereits genau vorstellen. Und Dein Bild, aneinandergereihte Monde im dunklen Kosmos, an einen unsichtbaren Hals geschmiegt...sehr reduziert und darum besonders schön.

    Schönen Sonntag nach HH

  10. ein wunderschöner beitrag!
    grüße nach hamburg von mano

  11. your impression of beads makes me go up and down the page and then enlarge each picture, pearls are gorgeous... yes the moon, that's why i love them too, x



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