Samstag, 2. Februar 2013


"Golden butterflies?!"

The Merian pre-exists the Queen of the Castle at the Eisenbach. These makes her trip more than 300 years later... and with a view through her telescope she discovers...

... blossoms...

... feathers...

... that someone is watching her!

 As she comes closer marvelling at this bird, she thought 'Like in Paradies!'

 Thank you, dear Emily of trailpixietrespas for this week's dc theme DISCOVERY! 
My week was full of it! Like through a special filter I looked to the world... in TV I've discovered a paradiesbird... never saw it in my life before! ... dicovered Lotte Reiniger in new issue of British Elle decoration and ... the word/meaning of 'resilient'...

I've grounded a canvas with greyish green and added golden butterflies with a stamp. With Chinese ink I've drawed the plum tree and sat a paradiesbird on it painted by egg tempera coloured with pigments.

All photos by me except the ship... its from the wides of worlds web.

My special references full of adoration goes here to 
researcher and artist Maria Sybilla Merian and 
with the view through a telescope to Galileo Galilei !

For more DISCOVERIES please take your telescope and take a look at
Emily's amazing place!

 Just discover that today it's 
...  Sara's b-day:

Happy Birthday, darling pirate!

A lucky day to y'all!


Now: No. 91 Emily with DISCOVERY at the 2nd + 3rd of February

follow: No. 92 Helen with 'STAMPS' at 09th + 10th of February


16 Kommentare:

  1. your illustration is magical, beautiful full of lovely discoveries : )

  2. I am stunned by the cameo of the little bird (being watched). Check out Kara Walker's work, I think you might like her, too.

  3. Wow, eine tolle exotische Entdeckung! Und wie spannend Du es durch die Bilder erzählt hast, als machte man gerade selbst die Entdeckung! Super! Der Vogel ist der Hammer, aber mein Lieblingsdetail ist der Ast mit den tollen Blüten!!

  4. oh that bird, its eye, watching us, i felt a bit 'Darwin' scrolling down your post,i thought i saw the Beagle :)
    the way you painted the bird with blossom ; i could be in japan somewhere...
    and you made me discover Lotte Reiniger's work
    what a lovely trip! xx

  5. Beautiful- and I just saw that David Attenborough show on his first filming of the bird of paradise- such an amazing discovery! and I love your sweet portrait- the tree is lovely too!
    Your posts are always like taking a little adventure :)

  6. Hah! Ariane so clever and so beautiful your paintings and these photos. I thought the first was a full moon - yes, a golden butterfly moon. I smile! -sus

  7. Dein Vogel sieht wirklich wie ein Paradiesvogel aus und er hat so etwas Kluges, Wissendes an sich, als könnte er alle Fragen beantworten, die man ihm stellt.
    Ich wünsche dir eine Woche mit vielen weiteren Entdeckungen!
    Herzliche Grüße

  8. Gorgeous artwork Ariane the colours are amazing. The telescopic view fotos very clever I really like them.

    Ive posted my dc invite theme for next week too so can be added to the list now.

    Helen :)

  9. what a great adventure!
    I love your history lessons
    and that bird
    is divine

    Patrice A.

  10. Ein Augenschmaus wie immer und dieser Vogel guckt so süß, bin ganz verliebt! Ich bin ausserdem ein grosser Fan von Mme. Merian, faszinierende Frau, seufz.
    Wünsch dir eine schöne Woche!

  11. WOW Ariane! What a painting. The whole composition of it. From the golden butterflies in the background to the simple branch to the beauteous egg tempera bird painted to a definite beauty! Gorgeous. And yes, clever telescope views of discovery. What a grand post, art friend! *smiles* Norma, x

  12. weeeeeehaaa
    and i am out of the blogworld!
    thinking of stopping...

    but that was not the point now, but ! ! !
    thank you dear ariane for remembering me!
    makes me so happy!
    love and hugs

  13. You had my full attention with the first photo and carried me along until the voila.....your beautiful painting! Such a story teller, Ariane. Do you sing lullabies too? xo Carole

  14. Super gelungen - ich mag, wie Du uns in die alte Welt entführst!
    x Stefanie

  15. beautiful life on golden butterfly wings . . .

  16. ha ha ha...
    someone is refining her sense of humour!
    good thing we did that hamburg trip recently... ;)))
    three cheers for galilei too, but mistress of the ship must be you!



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