Samstag, 9. Februar 2013


Flu. The Queen of the Castle at the Eisenbach stays at home. 
Outside its snowing.

'The Eisenbach is iceless... maybe I travel by Castle-steamer... we are all connected through water... From the Eisenbach to River Alster... the River Elbe downstream to the North Sea.... close to the coast of the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal... Africa (later Cape of Good Hope)... India.... Phew!... would be a long way... maybe airmail!'  she rethinks

 "Eddi? Would you please take this letter to Helen in Australia?"
But Eddi the Crow from Gunther of the Castle next door flips her the bird... 

- Oh, I've got stamps... then I will send it via Post Office! Postage stamps would be ennobled by postmark.

Host of this week's dc is dear Helen with POSTAGE STAMP(S)

Acryl and drawing ink on canvas, 20x30cm

As I turned from bed to sofa I was searching in my mind for a picture for the stamp... 
the Queen with my face?... a rose?
No, wanna surprise you :)

A tulip... herald of spring... But... in Australia is Summer, nearly Autumn, no? 
I've twitched on the TV... floppy... hoping for a hint... and see a footstep of a dinosaur in Australia... I was intrigued by it precisely because: 

some has the shape of a tulip! so the circle is complete...

 a sign for 'et'... Latin for 'and'... the connection. 
The '1' for the unity and the value... without a currency

 The 'Q' for Queen and Castle and Eisenbach... and if you turn your head the 'R' of rose.

 For more stamps please visit Helen's wonderful place.

Who is our next host? 

 Wish you a happy, healthy day!


NOW: No. 92 Helen with 'POSTAGE STAMP(S)' at 09th + 10th of February

Next: No 93 Renilde with 'LIGHTHOUSE' at 16th + 17th of February


10 Kommentare:

  1. Im so glad you were well enough to participate. I am madly clapping my hands and grinning at this lovely postage stamp post. Particularly my 'letter' hee hee hee! Lovely stamp Miss Ariane with lots of meaning I love tulips and your curly letterforms nice! As always you never fail to surprise and entertain me. So thankyou Ariane and I hope the flu is on its way out the door!

    Helen x (in sunny Australia it is indeed Summer)

  2. sweet Ariane,
    I like your stamp very much
    as I like the whole post!
    the history, your approach
    I love the image of the sheet(!!) of stamps
    and that you use it on a letter to Helen
    yep!, you surprised me again

    I hope you feel better soon
    that there will be tulips on your table

    have a lovely weekend!!

    Patrice A.

  3. beautiful stamps you've created!
    and beautiful snow...
    many hugs to you!

  4. Oh my goodness Ariane. You got me laughing so hard my stomach is jiggling! I'm talking about where the bird flipped the Queen a bird. So funny. What a story. AND the story about how the stamp got designed is so illuminating and wonderful. You weave magic, my friend! Again, another perfectly useable, perfectly designed stamp that could be a real stamp for a real country for real people. Awesome post. And it sounds like you are feeling a bit better. Oh it looks cold outside there. *hugs* Norma, x

  5. having the flu and still amusing us with your story telling posts, your such a character Ariane
    your sheet of stamps, such a lovely idea si is the design itself full of hints,
    wishing you well my dear, keep warm and enjoy that snowy views, xx

  6. Offensichtlich geht es Dir auch wieder etwas besser, wie schön, mir auch. Erkältungen sind so doof und überflüssig!
    Superschöne Briefmarken-Serie, bei der die Post hoffentlich ein Auge zudrückt und kein Kuli-Kreuz für "ungültig" drauf macht...aber ich schätze mal, Du hast sie für's Foto nur auf den Umschlag draufgelegt und verschickst den Brief doch lieber mit einer echten Marke. ;o)
    Weiterhin gute Genesung und einen frohen Sonntag!

  7. Oh liebe Ariane, da hats dich also auch erwischt, einer dieser besonders fiesen, hartnäckigen Viren, die dieses Jahr wohl quer durchs (blog)Land kusiert. Ich wünsch dir gute, gute Besserung!!
    Auf der anderen Seite scheint es auch was Gutes zu haben, deine kreative Ausbeute zum Thema stamps ist enorm. Die Bilder-Geschichte, die du erzählst ist super süß und hat mich richtig erfreut und die Briefmarke ist genial. Ich bin noch nicht ganz rum mit dc-Teilnehmer-Besuchen and ich würde sagen, wir haben viele talentierte Briefmarken-Designer und ich habe jetzt echt keine Lust mehr diese langweiligen Dinger von der deutschen Post zu benutzen!
    Gute Besserung, machs gut und bis hoffentlich bald!

  8. I love your spring tulip theme...and the symbolism in each addition. The small pin pricked holes are so delicate and genuine. love.

  9. Such richness, Ariane, symbolism, connections, elegance and panache. xxoo, sus

  10. Hope you are on the mend Ariane! but it looks like you've put your down time to good use- what a poetic stamp and I really love the secret symbolism and as it turns out synchronicity!
    The snow is lovely- we have instant winter here as of the weekend...I'll have a cup of tea over here to your health!



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