Samstag, 16. Februar 2013


 We pelts from City of Hamburg with a catamaran 130km to Cuxhafen at the North Sea
in the mouth of River Elbe. At the Wadden Sea my fellows and I hikes barefoot to the
Neuwerk Island ...

and it is wonderful!

but... it takes hours... and some tideways are full of water!

 So I heave a sigh of relief as the lighthouse of the Island arises on the horizon...

 This lighthouse is the eldest building from City of Hamburg... 130km distant... built in anno 1299 as a fortified tower against pirates... even it was a sanctuary at storm surge... and it workes as a lighthouse... protected as a historic monument.

 The way back at the next day we takes the horse-drawn carriage.

I feel desire and melancholy... its nearly six years ago now... I've stored this fantastic feeling of mudflat on the soles of my feet, the fresh air and the vast! Thank you, dear Renilde for this theme of this week's dc... lighthouse.

The photos of the walk across the mudflats I took with my old analogue camera on film. That are the last pics of it because its broken... you can see it on the second pic...

I've painted this aquarell... 20x30cm...
 with view til Neuwerk from the wadden sea at accruing water.

For more lighthouses please come to Renilde's beautiful place... because she is our beautiful lighthouse this weekend!


Now: No 93 Renilde with 'LIGHTHOUSE' at 16th + 17th of February

Next: No 94 Susan on 'GLASS' at 23rd + 24th of February

who is next?

14 Kommentare:

  1. hugs to you dear,
    looks like a beautiful trip,
    lately i see plenty of horses and i am so amazed of how they gaze at me when i walk past...
    like they just saw the strangest creature ever...

  2. This is such a magnificent memory Ariane. What a fabulous journey to share with others...who have their memory of it too. Quite wonderful overall!! Love the watery quality to your painting. AND those beams of light radiating out from the top. *smiles* Norma, x

  3. dear Ariane, you give me the opportunity to travel to places unknown to me, your photos allow me to see what's there, your words and tender, and yes even melancholic painting tell me about how you felt it, your experience being there.
    a sigh of relief when you saw the lighthouse, that's so beautiful, thank you , xx

  4. Your posts are adventures! I was sharing this DC experience with a friend and told him how much I love seeing from where everyone lives, works and plays. Thank you for this trip to the shore and to another far away shore,

  5. Ariane
    what an amazing adventure. Something to remember forever. Hamburg has become a city I need to visit because of your wonderful and insightful post. There is a quality to film fotos that seems lost in digital.
    those soft misty watercolours are very evocative.

    Thank for sharing

    Helen x

  6. What a unique experience, lucky Ariane - I sense the bittersweet quality of memory in this post, and the fragility of your watercolor underline this. A beautiful post, Ariane. love, sus

  7. like a beacon, a lighthouse stands, but i think i've only stated the obvious. the men's legs in the water remind me of normandy, if i may say so, even though the landing happened way before my time. common memory playing tricks on me then...
    lighthouses.. ha. they sooth. quite simply. somehow.

  8. Maritim at its best, besonders beim ersten Bild, will ich sofort mit dem Schiff fahren. Das mit dem kleinen Leuchtturm wusste ich gar nicht, du überrascht und inspirierst doch immer wieder. Danke dafür.
    Schöne Woche, Barbara

  9. ah, neuwerk - am liebsten möchte ich jetzt sofort dorthin, mit dem pferdewagen und dem lustigen kutscher, der so herrliches seemannsgarn spinnen kann...
    dein post hat mich an einen sehr schönen tag erinnert!
    liebe grüße, mano

  10. ach schön, das Meer... ist doch was anderes als unser "schwäbisches" hier.
    x Stefanie

  11. I read what you tells here with great interest. I can not believe that this building is so old!
    anyway, your watercolor looks so new and subtle, it is very beautiful. I congratulate you!!!

  12. i've always wanted to live in one
    which was a problem as i was going to be a forest ranger )
    the photo with the horses is mesmerising.

  13. This reminds me I need to spend more time wandering the shoreline and sticking my feet in the mud (though ours can be very cold and filled with broken shells)!

    Lighthouses have always seemed slightly mysterious and exciting to me. . sentinels for things we can not know and haven't seen. The wonderful muted colors of your photographs and paintings hint of old stories and events.

  14.! Das ist wirklich ein alter Leuchtturm!
    Ich wünsche mir ja oft, ich wohnte näher am Meer...hach...

    Mein Leuchtturm kommt spät, aber immerhin doch noch. ;-)



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