Dienstag, 11. Februar 2014


I go up the walls!

 "Start where you are

Use what you have

Do what you can"

Oh no!
 my daily project 2014 is deadlocked...
because I lay here on my sofa for days, strike down by a pharyngitis. 

But now, at the hands of fever I know, that I have to name my goal, more concrete... make it SMART:

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time terminated

More than enough is too much.

Laying here faint I scan my bookshelf...
In view of the large quantity of books and even at meters of magazines, liters of vases on top... I nearly become desperate.

I have already begun my daily project to sort out, yes, it has been a relief. But now it get straight down to the nitty-gritty. Something like fear of missing out... so I tear out single pages of the magazines, collect them in a box... meow... I am a pussy!

what is this?

I find this plan in the glut of pages. 
The magic of the 100 days, evolved by the Dutch Mark Teijgeler for the Happinez Mag. He says we need 100 days to lern, to internalize new wonts. Repititations are the key... and stick at it for 100 days. Later, at the 101st day it flies off the shelves.

So, I guess my daily project 2014 is not a bit deadlocked... I will sort out on, count the days:
Til the end of 2014 I will halve my property. I am looking forward for the space!

For this drawing challenge hosted by dear Stefanie Seltner with her theme 'daily project' I've started from my sickbed, 've used what I have and did what I can, even take a pic of my hot feet (late Freitagsfüße ;-) 
I am sure you have already been to Stefanie Seltner's marvellous place for more daily projects?!

Last Q Have daily projects something to do with a search or... with an addiction? Hmm


5 Kommentare:

  1. yes, that's the time,when you are lying down there not able to run around and coping with daily business , your environment, and the things you want to change become clear.
    to let go of stuff from time to time feels (once you cleared your mind of the doubts) very liberating and there will be other things to replace them after a while too ;)
    browsing through magazines with a healing nap in between sounds like a good start to me but ofcourse i wish you fit and well very soon to tackle the rest, take good care dear Ariane.

    just enjoyed your previous posts, how lovely a bunch of tulips look this time of year, each year again, beautiful, xx

  2. I hope you are well soon, Ariane. It sounds like you are being very creative with your thinking while you are laid low (and yes, fever might quicken the creative element here) so that when you are back to your usual self, your activity will be enhanced by your deeper thinking now. I love your bookshelves filled with such a selection of books, etc. And those vases come in handy I am sure, for your roses and more roses and more roses and wonderful flowers that we enjoy here visiting you, as you have captured them perfectly in your photography. So I am sending you a virtual rose for Valentine's Day and with the hope you'll be better in no time at all. Hugs, Norma, xo

  3. i am really most willing to believe a daily project is a synonym for searching, but without realising. from personal experience i find the gentle urge to come back to a project on a daily basis invigorating and stimulating and let's not forget : surprising. this has been the case for all projects i've ever done, even the ones i did without calling them projects.

    it can grow into an addiction for the ones prone to addiction. i must say i've a too dynamic mind and setting to fall into the 'repetition' trap, which may flow from this. i am the one who will walk on the other side of the same street, backwards if need be, just to break the habit. but in general, since a daily project usually is something you like doing anyway, its repetition is valuable.

    i find with my drawing i look at things (houses, in this case) and house fronts differently. i look for details even more frequently now, because they add a touch of quirk to my subjects. yes, it has nudged me to look attentively, to observe.

    i wish you all the luck in the world for halving your possessions! it will free you up, it most certainly will, and new ideas will flow! get better soon too, he??!! x

  4. Klingt für mich nicht wie ein Stillstand, klar SMART vorzugehen ist sicher von Vorteil, man übernimmt sich zu leicht. Ich habe mal einen ganz einfachen Tipp gelesen: man soll einfach täglich 5 Sachen rauswerfen. Basta. Das gefiel mir sehr gut, einfach, übersichtlich und machbar! Wann sind denn die 100 Tage um? Ich kann dann zum Kontrollieren vorbeikommen, wenn ich keinen Unterschied sehe, war es noch nicht genug und du musst weitermachen, haha.
    Ich glaube 365-Days-Projekte sind vorallem eines: Eine Herausforderung! Man fordert sich selbst heraus, etwas täglich zu tun und für manch einen Kandidaten (wie mich), die ständig neue Ideen im Sinn haben und alles auf einmal wollen, ist das gar nicht selbstverständlich.
    Also: Am Ball bleiben und einfach weitermachen und wenn es mal ein Tag nicht klappt, dann schmeisst du halt den nächsten Tag 10 Dinge weg.
    Ich hoffe, es geht dir mittlerweile wieder besser!
    Liebe Grüße
    barbara bee
    Wie siehts aus, irgendwann mal wieder Zeit auf einen Kaffee?

  5. well, in fact my daily project is my freedom in the daily routine... through the years it changed into freedom... know what I mean?
    Dear Ariane, I hope you feel good! I love your feet picture! Thank you for playing and thinking so much about it - wow!
    have a nice week x STefanie



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